What time can I get pregnant?

Family for a woman is the most important thing in her life. Pregnancy, and then motherhood, for a woman - this is happiness, delight, pleasant excitement. A woman can become pregnant from the time when menstruation begins, the maturation of the egg in the ovary. Reflecting on how much you can get pregnant, is to say about the problem of early pregnancy, which can occur up to 18 years. Until this age, the girl's body is still at the stage of formation.

Pregnancy in adolescent girls is detected rather late, because at this age young people have only superficial knowledge about contraception. And they take their health seriously. If a girl becomes pregnant at the age of 15, then complications can occur in the body, there may be a threat of miscarriage. Pregnant adolescent girls do a cesarean section, because of the high health risks. Early pregnancy is often reflected in the child. If a girl became pregnant at age 14, then at birth, the child may be underweight, have pathologies, and often serious.

The childbearing period lasts approximately 30 years, beginning at the age of 16 and ending at 46 years. A girl who became pregnant at the age of 16, due to her youth, in many respects has no idea about the seriousness of future motherhood. Best of all, pregnancy in women passes at the age of 22-26 years. During these years, the body has already matured, the tissues are elastic and the childbirth at this time passes without complications. At this age, during pregnancy the risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer is quite small. And the probability of miscarriage at this age is minimal.

It is very important that the girl did not become pregnant at the age of 11 and earlier. Cases of early and late pregnancy are very rare. The youngest mother, Lina Medina, who gave birth to a son at the age of 5 years, 7 months, 21 days, had to do a cesarean section. How could this happen is still incomprehensible. The oldest are 70 years old Indian mothers Rajo Devi and Omkari Panwar.

Late pregnancy

Nowadays there are many women who would like to become pregnant at age 45 and older. But this is not always possible.

  • With age, women have the risk of having a healthy baby.
  • After 45 years, 80% of women may experience complications in the body.
  • If at the age of 40 there is still an opportunity to become pregnant with the help of their eggs, then by the age of 45, only a few percent have the opportunity to become pregnant.
  • And the risk of miscarriage of this child increases more and more, already 1: 2.
  • The probability of complications during pregnancy, increased pressure, diseases of the supporting and cardiovascular system increases.
  • With late pregnancy increases the possibility of the birth of children with diabetes and Down syndrome.

However, late pregnancy has positive sides:

  • There is life experience, financially better off than the young ones.
  • Pregnancy is not accidental, at this age do not give up children.

Pregnancy is good, happiness! Let your heart and your body tell you the right decision!

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