What styles of wedding dresses are relevant in 2015? (14 pictures)

Wedding fashion trends do not change as often as the example of evening wear, however, designers annually work to create more stylish, new and luxurious wedding dresses.

What to say, it is in the wedding dress every girl wants to feel like a real celebration queen, and therefore her choice is always approached very carefully and with enthusiasm. The upcoming season of weddings 2015 is preparing new surprises, and so now all the brides need to puzzle this question so as not to get trapped as a result.


Naturally, choosing a wedding dress, first of all, it is necessary to start from the type of your own figure and appearance, and only then look back at fashion trends, because, as they say, the main thing is “to have a suit” and this rule works best with wedding dresses!

Simple and stylish

Highlights of wedding fashion 2015

According to famous designers, in 2015 the main trend of wedding dresses and the image of the bride as a whole is to create a sophisticated, delicate and even touching image.This can be easily seen in the wedding collections of leading couturiers, it is worth only to get acquainted with the photos from their shows.

For the perfect figure

The bride returns to the forgotten image of purity, innocence and pleasant charm, glamorous corsets and lush skirts "ala-cake" remain in the past, in the trend - naturalness and elegant simplicity.

Dresses with frank bodices that could be found in every fashion collection are now almost completely replaced by sophisticated outfits with a rounded cut-out line.

Interesting back

Almost all designers switched to more modest cleavage, which are covered with rich lace or thin chiffon. Also for fashionable wedding dresses in 2015 is characterized by the presence of sleeves (long or 3/4), which are made of a light veil or lace.

Couturiers borrowed such an interesting design move from today's retro style, and more specifically from fashionable evening dresses from the 20s of the last century. As for drapery and decoration, the designers put a taboo on multiple rhinestones, in a trend - flower arrangements and delicate embroidery from pearls.

In retro style

The next trend, which smoothly migrated from last season, is a decrease in the volume of skirts and petticoats, tulle packs and volumetric rings - are considered irrelevant.In fashion dresses with loose skirts that flow beautifully and react easily to your movement.


Not only does it look extra feminine and beautiful, in such a dress you can safely walk, dance and enjoy the feeling of your own ease and freedom. And yet, for those ladies who, from childhood, dreamed of looking at their own “a-princess” wedding in a magnificent dress, the designers left several interesting loopholes.

Unusual style

The following trends relate directly to the decor. In 2015, in a fashion strapless dress, however, if you can not afford a bodice without any support, then you will like translucent straps, decorated with fine embroidery.

Very sweet

Another interesting direction is the bodily base for the dress, which creates the first impression of a naked body. Fabrics that are typical for modern wedding dresses — lace, organza, tulle, and embroidered mesh and beads — are sewn onto the body base. The result is an incredibly feminine and seductive image of the bride.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2015

Mermaid silhouette

Known to many girls and the favorite style of many designers, the “mermaid”, as in the past season, will continue to enjoy the attention and love of all.

With transparent inserts

We must not forget that the classic “mermaid” will look decent only on girls with perfect parameters, here they will be able to demonstrate their aspen waist, the perfect line of the hips and, of course, a rather magnificent bust.

In models of 2015, an important role is often played by the back: it is decorated with a beautiful line of pearl buttons, rich lace, patterns or a beautiful neckline in the shape of a drop or triangle.


In the latest collections of leading fashion designers, mermaid dresses with an asymmetrical skirt have become a special highlight. Such a deviation from the norm makes the favorite style affordable for women with not the most ideal proportions. Asymmetric hem plays for the benefit of female forms: so they look more feminine and harmonious.

Fitted dresses with a long train

Fashion is a changeable thing, but it is a wedding that is an event where a dress with a long beautiful train will be most appropriate as part of the planned celebration. Especially popular will be dresses where the train has the same color as the rest of the fabric, but the texture is different.

With cut

To emphasize the exclusivity of such an element, designers decorate it with a corrugated ruffle, flowers or embroidery.Models with an elongated train can give the bride a certain mystery and luxury, however, we must not forget that this is not the most convenient style for active movements, dances, and so on.


Classical A-line dresses will be in vogue and this year, most importantly, get rid of a huge number of layers of tulle, the figure should turn out to be natural, with a light knee from the knee. This style is a win-win in the spring season, because it is perfectly combined with a light shawl or soft coat.


It is worth paying attention to the upper part of such dresses - a concise and closed bodice, which will help to complete the overall concept of elegance and sophistication. Depending on the model, this style can be complemented with a long sleeve or decorated with a small belt.

Short wedding dresses

Short and, to some extent, even daring models remain popular in 2015, I would especially like to mention the graceful lace sheath dress.

A short

Note, short - does not mean vulgar, in principle even in such a bold idea to preserve the basic positions dictated by fashion: the modesty and touching of the bride.These dresses are ideal for very young brides who can emphasize their beauty, modernity and individuality.

High-Waisted Silhouettes

Particularly popular in the new season will be models in the Empire style: high waist, tight-fitting bodice and soft skirt, which is made of numerous layers of the veil and falls in soft folds.

Unusual style

Often these dresses are made in non-standard colors (powder, ivory, pastel shades), and also complemented by an unusual decor in the form of curly flounces or voluminous bows.

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