What smart girls read: 9 books to broaden horizons

The best book novelties and bestsellers that will help you understand yourself and others, as well as an excellent understanding of all spheres of life, in the compilation of Woman's Day.

“To believe? What do we know about the world around us "(Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing house)

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Why really harmful smoothies? Does the use of potatoes affect the figure? Is it true that you need to drink two liters of water a day and completely eliminate coffee and alcohol from the diet? This book will provide scientific answers to these and many other questions. There are no unverified facts in it: the author of the book was not too lazy to study thousands of scientific studies, dissertations, journal articles on completely different topics.

“My goal is to give a clear idea of ​​how to change life for the better from the point of view of modern science,” writes Brian Clegg, author of the book. Well, I think it’s worth giving him a chance to really help us understand all the modern myths.

The book is suitable for girls who carefully read the labels on products, understand all food additives and know what a glycemic index is.

"Three minds of beauty" (publishing "Ripol")

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What is beauty? Natural gift? It turns out no. “This is the state of health of the hormonal system and energy,” says the author of the book, Olga Sharipova.

Together with it, you will try to figure out why nutrition affects our psyche, and “the hormonal system is deeply connected not only with our physiology and psychology, but also with chakras and spiritual states.” The book contains many scientific studies that confirm what Ayurveda, ancient teachings and practices described. And yes, I hasten to please you: “beauty lives inside each of us, and if we don’t see it ourselves, it only means that we don’t admire ourselves and open our heart to this feeling”.

The book is suitable for those who are looking for harmony, loves to meditate, re-read "Bhagavad-gita" several times.

“Perfume. The history of flavors of the 20th century "(publishing house" Eksmo ")

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What is the flavor of the nineteenth century? And what is XX? The author of the book, the famous perfumer Lizzy Ostrom believes that each era has its own distinctive fragrance.With a book, the reader will take a trip through the past century and look at historical events under the veil of a perfume. The “beautiful era" of the beginning of the century, the roaring twenties, the menacing thirties, the rebellious forties, the elegant fifties, the swinging sixties, the sparkling seventies, the selfish eighties, the capricious nineties ... Different times - different flavors. What were the trends, which have sunk into history, and which migrated to the present and influenced our perfume fashion? The answers are in the book.

The book is suitable for those who know how to wear fragrance.

“Ikigay. Japanese secrets of a long and happy life "(Alpina Publisher publishing house)

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Ikigai is a Japanese concept that can be described as “a feeling of one’s own purpose”. For someone, an ikigay is a family, for someone a job or a hobby. If a person gains ikigai, then his life is full of joy, he is energetic, healthy and feels harmony. It is interesting that the ikigai lives inside each of us, and how to comprehend it, the authors will tell in the pages of the book.

The book is suitable for anyone who seeks awareness and harmony.

“Modern poisons.Doses, action, consequences "(Alpina Publisher publishing house)

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Organic products? Food without pesticides? Unfortunately no. Today, chemicals can be found everywhere: we consume them with food, apply to the skin and hair. And we do this every day. The book opens the door to the world of toxicology and makes it clear under what attractive masks modern poisons are presented to us.

The book will be interesting to everyone who lives in a big city.

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