What should be the perfect brunch?

The tradition of late dinner first appeared in the circles of the aristocratic English youth, who invented the term brunch, formed from two words “breakfast” and “lunch”. Let's find out what it is.

Aristocratic tradition

From England, the tradition of a long feast on the weekend after an early breakfast migrated to the United States, where the local elite immediately picked up this great idea. Allowing herself to have nightly fun, she got an excellent opportunity to give the body a pleasant and unhurried awakening, enjoying delicious dishes without haste. In addition, the brunch included inviting guests, who in this case were recent night adventure colleagues.

After a while, from elite circles, where the brunch was considered the reason for repeated meetings and discussion of previous parties, it turned into a family tradition. To arrange such feasts it became accepted from 11.00 to 16.00, and their main features were the secular nature, the leisurelyness and the satiety of the dishes served.

What should it consist of?

  1. Eggs. This is a required component. Usually, they are cooked with fried eggs, but omelette, poached eggs, and Italian fritatata, in which various fillings are put, are also in high esteem. In England, three eggs are served per guest.
  2. Meat products. Traditionally, the British eat highly fried sausages. But it can also be bacon or ham.
  3. A fish. Especially often the list of dishes for late breakfast complements the cutting of smoked red fish, to which you can offer Dutch sauce from butter, yolks, lemon juice and spices.
  4. Vegetables. To ensure that the stomach is not overloaded with foods high in proteins and fats, vegetable fiber is needed. Especially a lot of it in avocados, broccoli, legumes and cereals. A favorite addition to breakfast in England is white beans.
  5. Smoothies and porridge. Although they are not traditional brunch dishes, they are nevertheless excellent for it. It is nutritious and tasty, besides, such products will help to improve digestion.
  6. Bakery products. Late breakfasts often end with a cup of coffee or tea with fragrant pastries. After all, when to pamper yourself with such a delicacy, if not on a day off.In Europe, brunch is served with an easy-to-cook quiche loren, an open pie with shortbread dough.
  7. Dessert. Here the flight of fantasy is unlimited - pancakes with berry sauce, pancakes, cheese cakes, buns or Belgian waffles with jam adored in America and Europe.
  8. Alcohol. This, by the way, is another feature of brunch. After all, the breakfast menu consists entirely of soft drinks. Usually on the tables you can see dry white wines or sparkling wine. But if you agreed to a classic English breakfast, then it is allowed to serve dark beer. Various liqueurs and tinctures are perfectly combined with desserts.

The main thing you need to have when organizing a brunch is enough time. After all, it is a long feast, during which you can socialize and eat deliciously, without haste, and is the true meaning of brunch. Bon Appetit!

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