What should be in the home first aid kit: the minimum set


Household injuries happen quite often. To help the victim, in the home first aid kit you need to put:

  • Sterile bandage for dressing open wounds;

  • Rubber band to stop bleeding;

  • Non-sterile bandage;

  • Vatu;

  • Adhesive plaster;

  • Bactericidal plaster.

Emergency assistance

For emergency care, you will need:

  • Iodine;

  • Chlorhexidine or brilliant green;

  • Hydrogen peroxide;

  • Medical alcohol;

  • Ammonia;

  • Ointment or gel "Panthenol", which is used for burns;

  • Corvalol, Valocordin, Validol;

  • "Suprastin" - from allergies.

  • Medicines

  • No-shpa, "Spazgan" - to relieve pain and spasm;

  • "Maalox" - a drug for heartburn;

  • "Smekta", activated carbon - used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and poisoning;

  • Vasoconstrictor drops;

  • "Antigrippin";

  • "Cycloferon" - a drug that is rationally taken at the first sign of flu or a cold;

  • Ointment "Bepanten" - is used as a wound-healing agent;

  • Paracetamol, "Nurofen" - antipyretic drugs.

Extra set

  • Thermometer;

  • Pipettes;

  • Rubber hot water bottle;

  • Tonometer.

Where to store a home first aid kit

Keep a first aid kit in an easily accessible place. If you have children, make sure that they do not have access to medications. All adult family members should know where the first-aid kit is stored and have unhindered access to first-aid equipment.

Drugs have a specific shelf life. Every 6 months, conduct an audit and, without regret, throw away everything that has expired. In addition, the first-aid kit should be stored in a dry and cool place where direct sunlight and heat from central heating radiators do not fall.

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