What should be in the first aid kit?

The need to have a home first aid kit is relevant for each person. This is especially true of people who have children. Consider what should be in the first-aid kit.

Drug List

First of all, in the home medicine chest there should be drugs and medications that are necessary, prescribed by a doctor for you. In the home first aid kit must be sterile bandage, cotton wool, plaster and napkins, tourniquet, ammonia. This kit is recommended for everyone.

Also in the first-aid kit there should be a thermometer, several syringes of various dosages, enemas. Be sure to store in a separate case instructions for use of all drugs.

Next, consider the group of different drugs.

Bactericidal drugs

  • Solutions of zelenka and iodine should be in every home medicine chest. They are necessary in the case of cuts that can occur through negligence.
  • In order to be able to dry the skin when getting a cut, in the medicine cabinet there must be a solution of furatsilina.
  • Be sure to have hydrogen peroxide and ointment for burns.

Heart Drugs

Even if elderly people do not live in your house, in the first-aid kit it is worthwhile to find a place for "Validola" or "Corvalola". Their advantage lies in the fact that these drugs are sold without a doctor's prescription. Also “Valocordin” and “Nitroglycerin” can be attributed to this group.


In the home medicine cabinet should be analgesics - drugs that have an analgesic effect. "Analgin" is one of them. You can also stock up with drugs like No-shpa. Other antispasmodics that are suitable for intramuscular administration will also be suitable.

Joint Ointment

Various ointments and gels for joints and muscles will help with pain, as well as microtraumas.


Such drugs are needed not only to those who suffer from allergies. After all, allergies can be hidden. If there are asthmatics among the tenants, inhaler stocks are required, at least a couple of them.

In cases of poisoning

Food poisoning is the most common among the poisonings. Therefore, you should stock up on medications for this case. Be sure to need activated carbon, with a few packs, because you need to take it in large quantities.This absorbent helps to neutralize the effects of toxins.

If someone from the tenants has gastritis, then you need to buy in the pharmacy "Fosfalyugel". This drug in the form of a gel very well affects the intestinal microflora and envelops the stomach, creating a film that soothes and helps reduce tissue irritation.

Also it is necessary to stock up on drugs that will help in case of abdominal distention. Do not interfere and medication for the case of indigestion. These include Festal and Mezim.

Antiviral drugs

In the home first aid kit must be antiviral agents. In addition, you should buy cold remedies. Even ordinary paracetamol will come in handy.

Headache remedies

Every person should have a pill for headache. Therefore, such medicines should also be at home. It is best to buy "Citramon". It has a milder effect on the body, rather than Aspirin.

Where to store the first-aid kit

It is known that the drugs should be kept away from children. But at the same time, the first-aid kit should be within the reach of a child over 5 years old. After all, something can happen to him too.

You also need to remember that different medicines have different storage conditions. Therefore, it is best to make two first-aid kits: one will be stored in the refrigerator (with drugs requiring compliance with the temperature regime), and the other - at room temperature.

One of the options that allow you to keep a first-aid kit inaccessible to children until the desired moment is a regular bedside table with a lockable drawer. The key must be stored in a separate place. If necessary, you can simply tell the child where the key is.

Storage time

Doctors recommend checking the shelf life of drugs every two weeks. Do not forget that if the drugs were exposed to direct sunlight, even if temporarily, then it is better to get rid of them in advance (about a month before the expiration date). Otherwise, the risk of poisoning is high.

Do not forget to store medicines in accordance with the instructions, since if the storage conditions are not observed, the shelf life of the drug will be much less.

In general, we can say that the first-aid kit includes at least 8 positions of various drugs. The need to be prepared for various occasions is dictated by life. One should not hope for it at all and assume that the house is the safest place.It is at home that people are most often poisoned, make cuts through carelessness and even get injured.

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