What shoes to wear dresses: 5 most fashionable styles

Detailed instructions and examples of stars will help create cool summer images.

What dress models are the most relevant for this season? There are quite a few of them: some stay in the top for more than one season, others are sharp novelties that must be purchased for those who consider themselves fashion gurus. However, it is important to remember that, even buying a dress that is currently at the peak of popularity, we cannot be sure that the trend is working for us correctly, if we are not able to integrate it into the wardrobe. Understand the details.

"Bathrobe" in the style of the 1940s

Irina Shayk
Photo: Legion-media

One of the main trends of spring and summer can be called dresses that, in a cut, resemble familiar home clothes, - a bathrobe. The main distinctive feature of the style is a button closure at the front, no collar, a semifitted silhouette with an A-shaped skirt and a short sleeve. The neckline can be V-shaped, square or round.The belt at the waist is not always present. Most often, such models are made of democratic fabrics: cotton, viscose, flax. �Dressing gown� print is a flower, polka dots and other variations of cute patterns.

Dress, sabot, Mango sandals / sandals, sneakers Zara
Photo: archives of press services

On the example of Irina Shayk, we see how a dressing gown can be entered into a wardrobe, without risking to look like you ran out of the house and forgot to change your clothes. White sneakers give the image the necessary contrast and a touch of self-irony. It is most dangerous to combine a dressing gown with shoes without the backs - mules, shales, etc. So you risk to look too much at home. When deciding on such shoes, make sure that there are sufficient stylistic grounds for this: for example, your fashionable idea is to create a markedly �rural image�. With heels you need to be careful - the studs should be left for dresses made in �evening� fabrics - silk, chiffon, etc. For a cotton, suitable wedge espadrilles will do.

Laconic shirt dress

Olivia Palermo
Photo: @oliviapalermo

Like a dressing gown, the shirt-type model is buttoned at the front.The difference is that the cut in this case is always straight. Most often, the �shirt� is intercepted by the belt, but can be operated without it. This dress is always present collar - turn-down or stand. In fact, it looks like an elongated men's shirt. Sometimes these models are equipped with some kind of decorative elements like a frill on the hem, like the dress of Olivia Palermo.

Dress H & M; sneakers, Zara sneakers; Rezerved sandals; Mango shoes
Photo: archives of press services

The shirt is quite versatile in terms of equipment. Both sneakers and heel shoes will look organic with this dress. It all depends on what occasion the image is styled and in what color range it is sustained. Being devoid of any sexual overtones, dress shirt is perfect to experiment on this field in terms of shoes. You can wear gladiator sandals, high-heeled shoes, or even complex variants with tape-like windings without a risk to your reputation.

Cotton dress

Daria Pynzar
Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

An indispensable thing in the summer is, of course, a sundress. Most often, this type of dress is characterized by a free cut from the chest.The length can be any - from mini to maxi. It is not hot in it, since fabrics for tailoring sundresses usually choose natural - cotton, viscose, etc. However, this democracy has a downside: in such a dress the risk is high to look too simple. How to avoid it?

Sundress H & M; sneakers, Zara sabot; Espadrilles Stradivarius; sneakers Bershka
Photo: archives of press services

Today, the most safe from the fashionable point of view, the operation of the sundress is its combination with sports shoes. White sneakers will be a universal solution: they will work equally well with any length and color. If you want to look trendy, give preference to massive sneakers. Just keep in mind that this solution looks adequate if the girl is tall. When choosing summer shoes, give preference to neutral sandals that will not overload the image. Heels are best avoided. If you unbearably want to rise above the crowd, get sandals on the platform.

Dress with a smell

Anfisa Chekhova
Photo: @achekhova

A variant, somewhat resembling a negligent cut, but having important distinctive features, is a dress with a smell.The floors of this model are overlapped and have slots for ties. Dress can be mini, midi or midi lengths. The variation of fabrics in this case is very wide: from democratic cotton to aristocratic chiffon. It is the length of the dress and the fabric from which it is sewn, will determine the subtleties of the selection of shoes.

Dress, sandals, sneakers Mango; Sandals Rezerved; Zara sneakers
Photo: archives of press services

In any case, the dress with the smell - it is always romantic. It perfectly emphasizes the waist, bringing the proportions of the figure to the cherished �sand-glass� and making the image very feminine. Then the choice is yours: the degree of romance can be raised to the limit or left at an adequate mark by applying the principle of combining the incompatible. In the first case, it is worthwhile to give preference to gentle sandals on a heel. In the second, you should, repeating the color scheme of the dress, pick up shoes that are opposite in style. This may be sneakers or sneakers.

Combination: day and evening

Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova
Photo: @chistyakova_ionova

How to wear a combination dress and not catch on the street the judging glances of passersby? Let's be honest, in our country this trend has not fully settled down, and it will not be possible to overcome the rejection completely, with which it cannot be completed.However, there are overt mistakes that should be avoided so as not to cause condemnation also among those who know a lot about fashion.

Dress, sandals, sandals Mango; sneakers, sneakers Zara
Photo: archives of press services

The choice of shoes when picking such a dress plays a very important role. In order to look adequate in combination in everyday life, you must neutralize its sexual essence. White sneakers will cope with this task best of all. With a more sophisticated sports shoe, you can also wear a combination, but you can�t be mistaken in this decision only by sophisticated mods. Choosing open shoes, take care that it does not resemble slippers. Of course, it is possible to stylize an image in such a manner, but this must be done wisely and to the point. The combination of combination with heels should be left for the evening. Graceful stiletto heels and thin sandals will look great with this dress.

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