What kind of beauty products to take on vacation

Some take too little money and in a hurry. Others, on the contrary, are trying to fit too much makeup into a suitcase. Where is the golden mean? We are telling!

Thermal water

Read - life-giving moisture for the skin. Without it, of course, you can do, but it's better not, and there are two reasons: a) it refreshes the skin even in the heat; b) moisture will be instantaneous - it means that dryness, flaking and tightness will not happen! Only seriously take a fancy thermal bath is not worth it: it contains mineral substances that evaporate and excess dry the skin even more than if you did not use it.

Thermal water, La Roche-Posau

Thermal water, La Roche-Posau (371 rub.)

Matting napkins

Ideal for removing excess sebum, dust and dirt (which happens even with dry skin in hot weather). They work due to the unique composition and material of which are made: base - cellulose or rice paper impregnated with absorbing powder, essential oils, flavoring agents, talc, aluminum sulfate, tannins and zinc oxide.Each ingredient is responsible for the specific work: it kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, eliminates excess sebum, dries, gives a feeling of purity and freshness. The beauty of the fact that napkins work through make-up without washing it off.

Matte Matte Blotting Paper, NYX Matting Wipes

Matte Matte Blotting Paper, NYX Mat wipes (500 rub.)

Mineral powder

Indispensable in the heat and on vacation, where the sea splash and the sun burns. It is lightweight, effectively masks any inflammation, absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the skin. In addition to all the mineral powder does not clog pores - it means that the appearance of pimples and black spots are excluded. Under the powder, you do not even need to apply a tonal base, especially since it's absolutely unnecessary in the heat, and the tone of the tanned skin always looks even. Use, however, better transparent powder, so as not to be in a mess with her color.

Mineral powder Skin Illusion, Clarins

Mineral powder Skin Illusion, Clarins (1 425 rub.)


If the sunburn falls into spots (which is not so rare), you can not do without a bronzer. It allows you to even out the tone, disguise the white areas and give a beautiful shine to the skin. Only use the product should be correct - do not overdo it and do not apply too little. Find a middle ground, otherwise the skin may grow red. Also, do not forget about the area of ​​the neck and shoulders, otherwise the color will be very different, which is not very nice.

Bronzer Terracotta Bronzing Powder, Guerlain

Bronzer Terracotta Bronzing Powder, Guerlain (2 499 rub.)


It is not at all scary not to take along thermal water, matting wipes, powder, mascara, creams and other cosmetics, but you must put in anti-UV products in a suitcase. And you need to take cosmetics as a high SPF (30+) for the first days of sunburn, and with low, when a little "fry" in the sun.

Milk-spray Sun Beauty Body SPF 50, Lancaster

Sun Beauty Body SPF 50, Lancaster Milk Spray (2 695 rub.)

Sun Protection Lip Balm

It is a must, like sunscreen. Burn the delicate skin of the lips in the sun - as nothing to do. This is a very unpleasant condition: the lips become swollen, swollen, blisters appear on them, they itch, hurt and restrain speech. In no case can not replace the sunscreen with moisturizing - make only worse.

Lip balm Everon, Weleda

Lip Balm Everon, Weleda (400 rub.)


To the skin felt as comfortable as possible after the sun, it must be moistened. For this purpose, a cream, lotion, oil or any other product is suitable. After each tanning session, do not forget to generously lubricate your skin with a moisturizing agent to prevent moisture loss, peeling, tightness and the appearance of cracks.By the way, you can use olive or any other vegetable oil as nutrition and moisturizing - for such a vitamin charge, the skin will thank you and will look like never before.

Sun-protection oil for body Sublime Sun SPF 30, L'Oreal Paris

Sunscreen body oil Sublime Sun SPF 30, L’Oreal Paris ($ 6.00 at a discount)

Dry shampoo

When traveling, it turns out that hair does not get washed every day, and even if it does, in the evening, some people become greasy again because of heat, dirt and dust. To quickly and effectively refresh hair and absorb fat, use a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo Styliste Ultime Biotin and Volume, Schwarzkopf

Dry shampoo Styliste Ultime Biotin and Volume, Schwarzkopf (440 rubles).

Antiperspirant or deodorant

The first blocks the work of the sweat glands, significantly reducing sweating, the second just kills the unpleasant smell and slightly controls the sweating. What on vacation is useful to you, decide for yourself. One note: antiperspirants are more commonly used by people with hyperhidrosis, while ordinary deodorant is quite sufficient.

"Invisible" deodorant Deo Pure, Biotherm

“Invisible” deodorant Deo Pure, Biotherm (2,160 rubles)

Makeup remover and wash

Take the bare minimum and better those that are already running out so that they can be thrown away after the end of the holiday and not to drag home with you.It is recommended to take a universal wash that removes mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, powder, as well as light foam, mousse or oil, which gently cleanses the pores and does not overdry the skin. This is enough to qualitatively remove makeup and not take up much space in the suitcase.

Micellar Makeup Remover Lotion Purete Thermale, Vichy

Micellar Makeup Remover Lotion Purete Thermale, Vichy (956 rub.)

Decorative cosmetics

Here the set should also be minimal. In addition to bronzer and mineral powder, you can take a small palette of shadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or lip gloss. It is better to replace the tonal cream with something lighter - with a CC or BB cream, but it is better to let the skin relax and not even put a ton of plaster on holiday.

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