What is useful coffee from chicory?

Surely, for anyone who just gets up or is already confidently standing in the way of healthy eating and proper lifestyle, you can find a jar with the cherished “Chicory” inscription somewhere in the cabinet in the kitchen. This product, which is produced from the roots of the plant of the same name, has a large supply of useful properties, they are often replaced with coffee, because to taste and even smell it looks like a strong drink.

The package always contains a lot of indications for use - it is recommended to hypertensive patients, the elderly, pregnant women and children, as well as those who need to lower blood sugar levels or adjust the digestion process. But is everything so promising? Or are there any pitfalls?


We all met chicory more than once - these are large bushes with bright green and tough stems, often grow on the sides and in the fields, in any neglected park or on the lawn - in the summer it also adorns itself with small bluish colors.

This is chicory, or rather, one of its species. By the way, there is another variety, better known to cooks and housewives, this is radicchio salad, the leaves of which are used in cooking.By the way, in Russia this plant began to be cultivated as far back as 1880, since then it has been grown in our region, although recently it was much smaller than before.

The most useful and used in the food industry, it is the root of the plant, it is from it that everyone makes known coffee from chicory. It is at the root of the maximum number of useful properties, the mass of vitamins and other useful compounds.

For example, they include tannins, B vitamins that are useful for the beauty of hair and skin, organic acids, and a variety of macro and microelements.

Apparently, this fact was highly appreciated by the French, because France is the first in terms of the volumes of growing and, of course, consumption of this product. Today, it is the French raw materials for the production of chicory beverage that is considered the highest quality and in demand.

Than useful?

This product is a real find for connoisseurs of traditional medicine, because it contains just a colossal collection of useful substances that are necessary for the normal functioning of our body.

  • Applied with problems with digestion: perfectly restores the microflora of the stomach, reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases,and also promotes the assimilation of calcium and the growth of useful bifidobacteria.
  • It is necessary for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system: firstly, it does not contain caffeine, and, therefore, it can be used by coffee lovers with a bad heart. In addition, chicory with various additives (for example, ginger) helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and heart muscle.
  • Suitable for obese patients, as well as diabetes mellitus. It will be useful to know that at the root of this plant contains an impressive number of inulin - a sugar substitute of plant origin. In addition, it contributes to the removal of harmful cholesterol, restores metabolism and normalizes the processes of the digestive system.
  • It is not replaceable for nervous disorders: due to its rich composition, it gives strength and energy, and also contributes to an increase in the level of mind and body activity. Regular use of chicory soothes the mind, relieves insomnia, in the past it was often given to children and the elderly who suffered from nightmares.
  • It improves the structure of hair and skin, restores shine and strength to curls, and skin and elasticity and youth, however, for this it needs to be used not only inside, but also externally in the form of home masks and rinses.

And contraindications?

Just want to please - the possible harm from the consumption of this product is much less than the real benefit. As they say, everything is good - in moderation, therefore, with excessive use of chicory, arrhythmia may occur, in addition, it is not recommended to use it with existing varicose veins.

Again, if you do not comply with the dosage, problems with appetite may arise (it increases greatly), a state of overexcitation occurs, in addition, chicory in large quantities may adversely affect the functioning of the liver.

How to choose chicory?

Because of its pleasant coffee taste, as well as the undeniable benefits, you, for sure, decide to try this drink. But how to choose it? On the shelves so many jars, which is better? The first thing you need to pay attention to is, of course, for the period of validity. Over time, chicory loses its flavor, so it is desirable that the date of manufacture was fresh.

Be sure to study the composition, it is important that it does not contain chemical dyes, preservatives and other harmful additives that our manufacturers like to “indulge”. If you want to try a really high-quality product, then choose chicory from the best raw materials, for example, French.

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