What is the right eye scratching for?

Predictions and signs of modern man are no less interesting than his ancestors. Beliefs help him find out what fate has prepared in the near or distant future. What does the sign mean if it scratches your right eye and how to interpret this superstition?

What is the right eye scratching for?

What signs if it hurts the right eye

There are many common reasons why the right eye itches. The prophecy that promises tears dominates.

The answer is also related to the fact whether the person who scratches his right eye is married. For those free from family ties, an event foreshadows a romantic date. And for those who designed the marriage relationship, itching in the right eye predicts positive life changes.

This folk omen is associated with the time of day. Is it the right eye in the evening? So happiness is on the threshold. And the Universe sends a sign about the close ending of the black band in fate. Morning carding of the right eye predicts the arrival of good news, behind which is the implementation of important events. Even in the morning, the right eye itches to the fact that all plans for today will come true.In the daytime, itching in the right eye foreshadows pleasant events, and they will occur at the end of the day.

If it hurts the right eye, folk signs promise:

  • A love date in the form of a small affair or a rendezvous.
  • Good luck and success in the business, in the fulfillment of which there were doubts.
  • Caution - this will help avoid the upset and sorrows that arise in everyday life. So, suddenly the driver’s right eye, which has been combed, can warn of a sharp turn or a dangerous section of the road.

In a general sense, the right eye itches to joy. And even if the itching in the right eye spells tears, they will be joyful, because, despite the troubles, everything will end well. According to folk signs, if the right eye is itching, joy will settle in the house for exciting reasons or because of a good mood. This is a meeting with a soul mate, a longtime friend, relative, just a pleasant person. It is also possible that guests will arrive.

What is the right eye scratching for?

Interesting! At the same time, according to legend, the itchy right eye should not be touched. Then, for those who have this eye itch, waiting for luck, an unexpected abundance, an increase in financial income, including from an unforeseen source, the increase in profits.

According to the signs, the right eye itches for long-term changes: the increase in work monthly salary, and even the birth of a baby. Itching in the right eye portends changes for the better, while the left eye itches to negative news.

What does the right eye itch for - interpretation by days of the week

What do people's signs say if the right eye “itches” on each day of the week?


This day is predicted to the one who started to scratch his right eye, a quick reconciliation with a relative in quarrel. Good relations with him will be restored and strengthened.

Promise sign and the arrival of close and positive changes. Everything that begins on this day will lead to success and the appearance of many pleasant trifles in life.


On the second day of the week, an itchy right eye predicts trouble. You can not believe it, but it is important to be careful and not to make important plans for Tuesday.


In the middle of the week the itchy right eye prophesies a long and pleasant voyage. And do not give up the journey - it will be a turning point in life.

Also, a right-tinged right eye on Wednesday foreshadows the arrival of a close relative. The meeting will be memorable and joyful.


If the right eye was scratched on the fourth day of the week, this predicted a great merriment. According to popular belief, the cause of fun can be anything. But one thing is certain: on Thursday, people who have itching for the right eye will be accompanied by laughter and joy.


Scratching the right eye on Friday predicts: the previously lost right thing will soon be discovered. And, surprisingly, it will be found in an unimaginable place.


Saturday's day for someone who begins to itch the right eye, soon bring a love experience. Married will be able to reconsider their not rosy relationship. And for those who have not yet created a family, the sign prophesies the most beautiful and romantic rendezvous in their lives.


The combed right eye on Sunday predicts the birth of a serious relationship. This is the case when there is a chance to hear the request of the hand and heart.

What is the right eye scratching for?

Interesting! To make the sign inevitable, you should touch the combed right eye with the fingers of the right palm, touch the shoulder on the right and say: “I’m waiting, I’m not waiting, let happiness come, sadness goes.”And then cross three times.


On Sundays, the right eye begins to itch to the long-awaited meeting. And it is necessary to believe that the completion of the forthcoming rendezvous will be favorable. The scratching of the right eye these days also promises a meeting of the groom.

Interesting! A ritual will help bring it closer; you need to perform it right in front of the window. To do this, close the right eye and imagine the betrothed, not forgetting to peer into all the open paths. The rite is accompanied by pronouncing the phrase: “I sit at the window, waiting for a cat-like sweet, scratched my right eye — I ordered a date.”

What is the right eye scratching for?

Even when scratching your right eye on Sunday, you should wait for the fulfillment of a dream or unexpected pleasant news.

It is up to everyone to believe or not the signs from above. But the experience of ancestors suggests that such signals suggest how to act in different situations and, possibly, to protect yourself from harm.

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