What is the normal weight gain for pregnancy

As the mother grows in her mother’s belly, the baby gradually gains weight, which means that the weight of the pregnant woman also increases. This process has its specific timeframes, and doctors who observe a pregnant woman usually strictly strictly monitor that the rate of weight gain falls within the normal range.

Total weight gain

Among specialists, on average, it is considered normal if during the entire period of pregnancy a woman gains 10-12 kilograms of weight compared to her body weight in the state before conception. Future moms who know that the baby is usually born weighing about 3.5 kilograms sometimes scare this figure.
However, if you understand its origin more thoroughly, it becomes quite explicable. As already mentioned, up to 4 kilograms of the total volume of this increase is the weight of the baby. About 1.5 kilograms make up the total weight of the placenta and the increase in the volume of the uterus compared with the pregenerative condition.Up to 1 kilogram of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby during gestation can weigh, and up to 2 kilograms of water accumulates in the body of a pregnant woman in the form of edema, which is often an unpleasant companion of pregnancy. Finally, up to 0.5 kilogram can be an increase in the mass of the mammary glands, caused by hormonal changes in the body.
However, it cannot be denied that, usually, in the period of carrying a baby, women do gain a little weight. This is due to the fact that the body seeks to protect future offspring, thereby creating a protective mechanism designed to neutralize the possible negative impact from the outside, as well as provide the child with a supply of food if necessary. Therefore, another 3-4 kilograms often actually fall on additional body fat, which can be parted after pregnancy.

Specific weight gain

However, it should be understood that the averaged numbers do not always reflect your specific situation. The fact is that the rate of weight gain during pregnancy largely depends on the weight that the woman had before conception.
At first glance, this may seem paradoxical, but the more a woman weighed before pregnancy, the less she gains during the period when the baby is born. Specialists usually determine the limits of the mass gain rate taking into account the so-called body mass index (BMI) - an indicator representing body weight divided by the square of height in meters. So, if, before the pregnancy, the woman's BMI was less than 18.5, that is, her weight was insufficient, she could gain from 12 to 18 kilograms. With a normal BMI (18.5-25), the increase can be 10-15 kilograms, if there is excess weight (BMI within 25-30) - 7-10 kilograms, and for obesity (BMI over 30) - only 6 kilograms or even less.

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