What is the Home Region of Megaphone?

Home region is the territory where the subscriber number was registered. Within its limits, the most favorable tariff for communication is provided. In this case, in the case of a trip to another region of the country, you can connect the option, according to which the cost of the conversation will be the same as in the home.

If you are planning to move or travel to another region of Russia, make sure that this option is available where you are going to go. Connection option is possible for the predominant number of Megafon tariff packages. The packages available for connection include A, B, C, D, E, Prior, Individual, Kopechny, Student, Unified, Military, MegaFon-Modem rates. “Home region” is an undoubted convenience for active users, allowing you to save a decent amount of money for conversations.

Cost of service Home region

“Home region” is a paid service providing for a monthly fee and daily withdrawal of penny funds from the account.So, when connecting an option, an amount of 25 rubles will be charged from the account. It is removed every time you connect the service for each individual region.

The amount of the subscription fee is fixed and is 2 rubles per day. It is very convenient, because with daily debit you can avoid unnecessary expenses, using the service only during your stay in another region.


Ways to connect the "Home Region"

A subscriber who has changed his geographical location may activate the Home Region service immediately before entering another area. For this, the mobile operator offers one of three options:

  1. By dialing a simple combination of numbers * 437 * 55 #, then press the call button.
  2. Using the option "Service Guide". To do this on your phone you need to dial the following combination: 105 #. Press the call and, guided by prompts, activate the service.
  3. Turning to the mobile operator. To do this, make a call to the number 0050 and, waiting for the announcement of the voice menu, press "0".

Please note that with the operator you can also quickly clarify information about the possibility of connecting services forrequired region of the country. To check the status of the service, dial * 437 * 55 * 0 # and a call on the phone.

How to disable “Home Region” from MegaFon

The service can be disconnected at the time of departure from the preferential region. To do this, you can use two methods:

  1. By contacting the mobile operator at short number 0050.
  2. Dialing * 437 * 55 * 2 # and call. This method is much more accessible and more convenient.

Make sure that there are enough funds in your account for the period of connection. Do not forget to make sure that the option of timely connection and disconnected.

Are you satisfied with the services of the company "Megaphone"?

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