What is the foundation needed for a brick house?

When choosing a foundation for a brick house, the physico-mechanical characteristics of the soil, the depth of its freezing and the groundwater level, as well as the type of relief are taken into account. For a detailed study of the soil, it is best to invite a specialist who, after a thorough check, will be able to give him an accurate description.
Strip foundations, prefabricated, monolithic and precast-monolithic, suitable for buildings on dry, sandy and unleveling soils. On moving and heaving soil, it is best to use solid slab bases. Pile foundations are suitable for almost all types of soil.
Belt foundations are able to withstand significant loads. One of their advantages is the ability to create a basement or basement. The basement tape is placed around the perimeter of the house, as well as under the inner walls. In the basement or basement, it will serve as walls.
Belt foundations are monolithic and prefabricated, the first are a one-piece reinforced concrete structure, the second is constructed of concrete or stone blocks. Monolithic foundation has greater strength than the assembly, but after its installation must be a long time before it hardens and gain strength.
Prefabricated strip foundations are erected faster, but for their installation it is necessary to attract special equipment and use additional labor. For brick houses are suitable buried strip foundations laid 30 cm below the level of soil freezing.
Pile foundations are often installed on crumbling soils, the load in this case is transferred to dense layers of soil located at great depths. This type of foundation can be used on more durable soils, it requires a small amount of building materials.
The construction of the pile foundation consists of several separate piles, connected with each other by reinforced concrete or concrete grillage. For a brick house it is best to use a bored reinforced concrete pile foundation, and make piles with wide soles.
Installing a slab foundation for a brick home is easier than other types of foundations.It is a solid reinforced concrete slab, on which the entire building rests and perfectly perceives the loads created by the vertical or horizontal movement of the soil. This type of foundation is suitable for use on subsiding and heaving soils with a high moisture content.

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