What is the director dreaming about?

Olga Bespalova
Olga Bespalova
February 18, 2015
What is the director dreaming about?

Often we all have very strange dreams, which, however, can tell us something. If you are dreaming of a director, this does not always mean that you have overworked and are thinking about work, even in a dream.

Consider what a dream can mean.

Meaning of dreams with the director

Knowing how to interpret a dream in which you dreamed of a director is important. After all, let's say, a dream conversation with him can say that soon you will make a new acquaintance that can bring you trouble at work. Or that you have a lot of anxiety, anxiety. In any case, such dreams do not bode well.

But the reprimand from the director - in a dream - to a good one: he can promise either a good deal or success in your endeavors.

If you see the CEO in a dream, it most likely promises you a rapid career growth. If you do business with him at the same time, this may indicate an upcoming important meeting or conference.

It also happens that in a dream you see yourself as a director.This is not good news: this dream promises that either you will be caught off guard in the very near future, or you will have to fight for the implementation of unrealizable plans.

What is the director dream of a woman

Trying to understand what the director dreams about, it is important to pay attention to the gender of the person who saw him in the dream. It happens that women have very unequivocal dreams with their own director, who can promise both good and bad. For example, a naked director dreamed may mean that a woman has to suffer material losses. But a dream in which the director renders attention to her secretary can promise that a woman will soon meet her fate.

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