What is the difference between iPhone and smartphone?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
December 4, 2012
What is the difference between iPhone and smartphone?

Many people are interested in what the iPhone is different from a smartphone. Immediately, we note that this issue can not be considered fully correct, since the iPhone, in fact, is the same smartphone. By and large, iPnone is just a name, a brand that makes this product unique and recognizable around the world.

When back in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first version of this device, it was positioned as a new generation smartphone. The appearance of this gadget really changed the world of portable mobile devices and proved that in one compact product you can combine the functions of a phone, tablet computer and multimedia player.

As for the differences directly, there are not so many of them. The main one is that the iPhone is running the operating system Apple iOS - a simplified and optimized for portable devices version of Mac OS. Most modern smartphones from other manufacturers use the operating systems Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.All these platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, so to speak about which one is better is a topic for another conversation.

At the time of its triumphant appearance, the iPhone was really ahead of all existing smartphones from other companies. Moreover, both in performance and manageability, and in functionality. However, time is ticking, and today everything has changed significantly. The brainchild of the "apple" company, of course, remains in the lead, but many manufacturers have successfully launched the release of devices that are not much inferior even to the latest versions of the iPhone.

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