What is sometimes?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
March 25, 2015
What is sometimes?

Many simple and well-known words are not always used correctly. In particular, this applies to many adverbs. For example, what is sometimes? What is the exact meaning and origin of this word? When is it appropriate to use it? Let's see.

This word is of Proto-Slavic origin. Like other adverbs of this group (always, when), it comes from the generalized adverb of the time "kuda" and the prefix "in (one)". It belongs to the group of unchangeable adverbial adverbs of time.

Used to refer to events that occur from time to time, from time to time or at certain points in time. It is also used to refer to phenomena that take place not always, not constantly, but only in certain circumstances and under certain conditions. For example:

  1. He sometimes drank a little too much, but he never forgot (L. N. Tolstoy “Resurrection).
  2. Circumstances are sometimes stronger than a man! (A.P. Chekhov "Lights").
  3. The squeal sometimes turned into something like a lion’s booming roar, sometimes tender, as it seemed through the floor, pleading and complaining, as if someone had intimate talked with a friendsometimes it was sharply cut off, as if cut off with a knife (M. Bulgakov “Notes of the young doctor).
  4. However, sometimes (especially in rainy time) it is not too fun to wander along country roads (I. S. Turgenev “Hunter’s Notes”).
  5. So sometimes the hope of the light / Is something that does not exist (M. Yu. Lermontov).

Synonyms of the word "sometimes": sometimes, sometimes, occasionally.

Antonym - "always."

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