What is Klondike?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
December 19, 2014
What is Klondike?

The word "Klondike" at the hearing, but not everyone knows that he has several meanings. Its very first meaning is, of course, the geographical name of the region, as well as the rivers in North America.

The first meaning of the word "Klondike"

Klondike is a region, a place of gold mining, which is now located in Canada, near the western border of Alaska. The name of the region received from the river of the same name, along which it stretches.

The famous Klondike became in connection with the "Gold Fever", which began in 1897 and consisted in the extraction of gold by washing it out of the gold-bearing sand of the Klondike River. "Fever" ended after only a year, but the extraction of precious metal continues in this region and in our days. You can read about gold mining in our article How gold is mined.

"Klondike" as a common name

Over time, after the discovery of a gold mine in this region, the word Klondike also came to mean as a common name. It means a place in which is full of wealth, treasure.

In this sense, the word Klondike is also synonymous with the word Eldorado. You will learn about what the word "Eldorado" means in our article What is Eldorado. Nowadays, this term can also be called a place in which an abundance of something. Most often, this word means a mushroom or fish place, etc.

Klondike - computer games

What is Klondike Solitaire? This is an online card game, analogue of Solitaire Klondike. The only difference is that in this game you need to expand the cards for the allotted period of time - 2.5 minutes. In this solitaire you need to open all the cards and put them in suits, ascending - from ace to king, while the layout is possible only by alternating black and red suits.

“Klondike” is also an online game in social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki), which is completely called “Klondike - the missing expedition”. In fact, it is a traditional farm game in which it is necessary to build buildings, grow plants and animals, clear the area from trees, bushes, stones, etc. In addition, you can search for treasures under stones and trees (hence the name of the game) , sell them and exchange for the necessary things in the game.

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