What is iridology and is it safe?

They say that in the eyes of a person you can read much more than he himself will tell about himself. But representatives of alternative medicine claim that by the eyes you can learn about human health and its diseases. There is even a special science - iridology, which studies the iris of the eye.

What are the eyes talking about?

Healers could diagnose diagnoses simply by looking in their eyes over 5000 years ago. Today, iridology is one of the main methods for determining the state of health for Tibetan, Indian and Chinese nontraditional practitioners.

The essence of this method of research is that the doctor using a special device - iridoscope, carefully examines the patient's iris - its color, uniformity, "patterns" (spots, browning), as well as the structure (correct location of the fibers), the state of the vascular network and the reaction pupil at a bright light.

According to this science, the color of the eyes that “gives out” to a healthy person is brown and blue.All the rest indicate the presence of certain problems.

All this is explained by the fact that the iris is inextricably linked with almost all internal organs, and the emerging problems also appear on the surface of the pupil.

What does the iridology test method determine?

  1. The general condition of the internal organs.
  2. Predisposition to some diseases.
  3. Pathological processes in the organs.
  4. State of the nervous system.
  5. In the course of repeated examinations, iris diagnostics will report the course of the disease - improvement or aggravation.

Advantages of the method

Proponents of such studies unanimously declare that iridology is absolutely safe. But this is not its only plus.

  1. This is a non-invasive method, so there is no danger of injury or infection.
  2. The examination takes place in a comfortable environment, does not require advance preparation and takes a little time.
  3. With the help of iridology, it is possible to identify problems that precede serious pathologies and diseases, and therefore, there is a possibility to prevent them.
  4. The study has no contraindications and can be performed for any patient.

Research flaws

But the attitude of official medicine to this kind of diagnosis is quite skeptical, so traditional practitioners point to some disadvantages. The main one is hidden in unscrupulous people who pretend to be graduates, who often find problems where they do not exist. In addition, doctors warn that, surrendering to the hands of such a doctor, you risk just the same to miss the beginning of the problem.

But still, iridology is quite a popular method that is used by many medical centers and research institutes around the world, asserting that a person’s eyes are a mirror not only of his soul, but also of a real state of health.

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