What is housing collapse in Moscow

Demand in the housing market still significantly exceeds supply. Moreover, the pace of residential construction has recently declined, which can lead to the very real housing collapse. According to specialists, in order to fulfill all the obligations under the Housing program, in the next four years it is necessary to build at least 134 million square meters of housing. This is a huge amount. It is enough to say that it approximately corresponds to 90 typical micro-districts of the times of the end of the 70s-beginning of the 80s of the last century. To perform such a task would be very difficult, even with the same pace of construction. And with the already mentioned reduction, it becomes simply unreal.
In addition, it is necessary to take into account that a typical sleeping microdistrict, built up (for maximum profitability) by panel houses of standard planning, has a lot of negative features. It has a very poor social infrastructure,urban passenger transport routes are underdeveloped, the quality of housing and communal services is low, and the cost of utilities is steadily increasing. The city authorities are trying to shift the responsibility for creating a modern infrastructure to construction organizations that are completely uninterested in this.
If the builders do take on this task, then they impose additional costs in the cost of housing. But the price of Moscow square meters is already one of the highest in the world. Its size is influenced by many factors, such as the cost of land, the cost of connecting to communications, all sorts of administrative barriers directly related to corruption.
Moreover, the already mentioned program “Dwelling” does not take into account the high degree of deterioration of engineering networks, first of all, water and sewage systems. As a result - frequent accidents, especially in the winter period, with the subsequent forced shutdown of water supply during the repair. Unless measures are taken to improve the situation, Moscow’s life support system will soon face a real collapse.

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