What is feijoa useful for?

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What is feijoa useful for?

People who had a chance to taste the exotic feijoa fruit could see its exquisite taste, reminiscent of strawberries in combination with kiwi. Anyone who has not had time to do this should definitely get acquainted with this amazing fruit. Indeed, in addition to its unusual delicate taste, it has great benefits and a positive effect on the human body. So what is the use of feijoa?

The benefits of feijoa

The benefits of this exotic fruit is in its composition, rich in nutrients and vitamins. It contains:

  • Iodine (by the way, its amount in these fruits is comparable to the presence of this indispensable element in seafood).
  • Ascorbic acid.
  • Sucrose.
  • Pectin.
  • Cellulose.
  • Antioxidants, etc.

It should be noted that iodine in feijoa is in a water-soluble compound, this allows it to be completely absorbed by the human body. Sufficient content of this chemical element gives us strength, energy and mood. Therefore, feijoa can be called a small �vitamin bomb� capable of becoming a powerful source of strength.

The presence of other beneficial elements and vitamins makes this fruit a real herbal medicine. It is recommended as a dietary product for the following diseases:

  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Cold.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Metabolic disease.

Feijoa also helps to strengthen the immune system and increase the body�s resistance during viral infections. In order for this exotic fruit to bring maximum benefit, it must be properly consumed.

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