What is fashionable to wear red shoes?

Red shoes are exactly that fashionable accent that can tell a lot of interesting things about its owner. The woman, in the wardrobe of which there is a place for such shoes, is uniquely distinguished by courage, self-confidence and knows how to make a holiday out of the usual gray weekday. But only flawless combination with clothes will help to maintain the right balance of style, without stepping over the line, beyond which the image becomes vulgar.

Fashionable ensembles

First of all, it is worth finding out what colors the “friends” of red are with. Classic bright color can be combined with blue, white, black, yellow. Burgundy shades will look good in tandem with beige, gray and green. The latter is preferable to choose muted, dim tones.

So what is the combination of such a fashionable couple?

  1. Dresses and skirts. With their shades you are already familiar. One of the most successful options is a black and white dress. The image can be complemented with scarlet lipstick and a belt in tone. Such classic bows are suitable for both business and casual style.
  2. Jeans. With them, the image will look very bold and even a little bold.Scarlet pumps with frayed boyfriends or cropped skinny will look especially stylish. For the top fit plaid and plain shirts, a wide T-shirt or a striped sweater. In such an ensemble, shoes can be worn as the only bright accent that does not require additions.
  3. Pants. If you want to look elegant, then you should stop the choice on plain straight trousers, to which you need to choose a light blouse. With such clothes will look beautiful pair of red wedge.
  4. Clothes with print. Such things will give you brightness, but it is important not to overdo it. It is desirable that the print includes a red tint, so the bow will be more harmonious. But forever have to abandon the combination of it with "bestial" drawings, because the image will be overloaded.
  5. Dotted. It will look great shoes with high heels combined with a dress in polka dots. This retro style will be your highlight if you choose a dark dress with a white or blue pattern, as shown in the photo.
  6. Strip. Maritime-style clothing continues to hold its trend positions. In addition, with its help, you can always visually adjust the shape.The vertical strip will make you slimmer, and the horizontal strip will visually increase the volume of the breast and balance the upper body with wide hips. Bright shoes will be a wonderful accent, which will make the image not so boring and monotonous.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to pantyhose. Fortunately for all fashionistas, they can be either flesh-colored (matching the tone of your skin tone) or black (maybe even dense), but definitely without a pattern.

Red shoes have long ceased to be shoes for special occasions. They perfectly complement both the office dress code, and the outfit for parties and celebrations. Do not be afraid to be visible and bright. Buy yourself a pair that will attract the eyes of others to your legs!

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