What is dangerous obstructive bronchitis?


Why does obstructive bronchitis develop?

Often, acute bronchitis in adults and children develops on the background of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, fungal or bacterial infections. The first sign of this disease is shortness of breath, cough, dry or with sputum, wheezing. The patient is worried about fever, sweating and weakness.

Sometimes these signs of acute bronchitis may not be present, but the doctor at the reception while listening to the patient’s lungs can determine the presence of extraneous noise in the bronchi. If there is suspicion of bronchitis, he should prescribe an X-ray examination in order to exclude viral pneumonia from the diagnosis and prescribe treatment, because untreated bronchitis can be dangerous.

In this condition, pneumonia or bronchial obstruction is rapidly developing, which leads to the loss of part of its functions by the bronchi and the development of respiratory failure. Often, chronic obstructive bronchitis becomes the initial stage of development of bronchial asthma, which requires constant attention,serious treatment and often leads to fatal consequences. Especially often such complications develop in children.

Bronchitis treatment

Treatment of bronchitis should be comprehensive. It is necessary that the doctor prescribed antibiotics, drugs to improve immunity. It is necessary to make soda inhalations for better cleansing of the bronchial tubes from mucus. Useful electrophoresis and other physiotherapeutic procedures. It is impossible to engage in self-treatment in acute bronchitis, since very quickly serious complications can develop, among which chronic obstructive bronchitis occupies a special place.

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