What is CE certification and why does it apply

What is CE certification and why does it applyWithout certain labeling and certification, many companies simply cannot exist. CE marking, for example, allows a consumer to deal with a product passing a series of checks and assessments regarding its compliance with the requirements of the European Union market. If the product is marked with this sign, then this means its safe use and the exclusion of the option of harming the environment. It is worth noting that the CE certification has some analogues. In other words, there are similar markings, without which it is also impossible to introduce products to the EU market.


Certification is necessary so that the company can easilyoffer your products on the EU market. Without it, the goods simply “will not be missed”, and if they try to sell, the perpetrators can either pay a fine or get a prison sentence. Thanks to certification, goods that may harm the environment, in particular, humans and animals, are excluded from the market.


Mandatory certification is subject to many products. Usually these are toys for children of any age. Also, these are products with building materials that are used for the erection of structures, repairs and many other activities. This also includes a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as glasses, gloves, clothing and other equipment. Moreover, compulsory certification includes equipment for weighing (operating in non-automatic mode), heating boilers, all kinds of medical devices, machinery, elevators and vessels for walking. As you can see, certification allows for a clear distinction between products of different quality. So, even some toys at McDonalds have EU labeling - about this here: http://tms-cs.ru/evropeyskaya-sertifikaciya/markirovka-ce.


In order to be able to offer a product on the EU market, it is necessary to submit it for consideration in order to receive a response. Considers such issues European Parliament. The product is disassembled to the smallest detail. This means that it is tested for smell, taste, strength, as well as harmlessness, usefulness and other criteria.After completion of the inspection, the manufacturer will receive a response allowing or categorically prohibiting the sale of a product on the EU market. Persons who decide on the authorization of trade in a particular product constantly monitor its quality and are fully responsible for, for example, distorting or hiding data on the quality of the product.

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