What is vector marriage?

Many argue that astrological forecasts are just fiction, but they secretly follow horoscope predictions every day. Compatibility on zodiac signs seems to some nonsense, but even these people check their level with a loved one just in case. Recently, vector marriages have been actively discussed, and today we will reveal their secret to you.

Secrets of the unity of signs

To understand the essence of such a marriage, it is necessary to imagine a circle in which all the signs of the Eastern horoscope will alternately be located. Those that stand side by side, just will be pairs, but there is a very important point - the left will become the "master", on the right - the "servant". Accordingly, equality in such a pair cannot be talked about, because the servant must always give, and the master must accept and rule.

What is so fraught with such a union? First of all, vector relationships cannot be explained logically. So, for example, they begin as usual with mutual sympathy, developing swiftly and pleasantly, but there comes a time when one of the couple is emotionally exhausted, and the other - on the contrary, has energy in excess.At such a time a man and a woman decide to terminate the relationship, but after living for a while separately, they understand that they can not do without each other.

This unknown connection and need re-attracts them and “condemns” to the already established model of “ruling and submitting”.

To foresee the development of relations in such a pair is simply impossible, and lovers themselves do not have the opportunity to make plans for the future, because relations develop independently of their will.

Good and bad

Astrologers claim that such alliances have their advantages, here are some of them.

  1. To establish contact between a man and a woman, connected by the signs of the Eastern horoscope, each of which corresponds to a certain year of birth, one meeting is enough. Feelings in the case of compatibility flash lightning.
  2. The couple can experience such diverse feelings and unpredictable emotions only in vector marriage.
  3. Understanding between the participants of the pair is at a high level.

But even these advantages do not cover a huge number of drawbacks, it’s not for nothing that such a union is called fatal.

  1. The participants of the couple are always under stress, and the conflict can flare up at any moment, it is almost impossible to predict, and even more so, to prevent.
  2. Full openness makes it possible to identify all the weak points of the partner, and such frankness makes a man and a woman completely dependent on each other.
  3. The fulfilling role of "servant" with time begins to degrade and loses itself as a person.
  4. Children born in such an alliance reflect family relationships and grow almost uncontrollable.

But many couples, even after several partings, reunite, because they understand that this is the only way they can feel the fullness of feelings. Passion and unpredictability - that’s what makes them start a family.

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