What is a rubber tile?

I was in a construction store, I saw it lying there in piles, they say for garden paths, they really make garden paths out of rubber, but I have a question: can I put such tiles instead of ceramic ones on the terrace, is ceramics extremely slippery now? Can anyone have such an experience?
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Valentin Valov
Valentin Valov
Answered on January 12, 2017 13:28
Well, what is not slippery is for sure, I have garden paths out of such a rubber tile, and the playground under the gazebo is ordinary paving slabs, and so on the pavement is slippery, and at least run on the rubber, even if I jump, I want to change this rubber pavement in the gazebo she is beautiful and will not be slippery either.
Yes, I look there, besides the tiles, there are a lot of options, I especially liked the paving, maybe I will do something from it too.

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