What hurts a relationship more than cheating?

Betrayal is usually considered the worst of evils in a relationship and a direct impetus to divorce when it comes to marriage. both moral (for example, banal flirting on the side) and the physical are usually taken as betrayal of a partner - such a kind of knife in the back of a person who loves you. But if you think about it, infidelity, for all its drama, is not the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, and this is confirmed by the fact that very often before the betrayal directly occurred, the partners experience long-lasting insurmountable disagreements.

In this case, if adultery is a quick "killer" of relations, that is, "killers" and slow ones are the ones that can poison your life for months or even years until you decide that it is time to end the unfortunate novel.

How not to lose the sense of reality in the pseudo-comfortable state of “relationships by habit” and get out of them even before they betrayed you? In this material we have collected 7 signs of dying relations, which are best completed without waiting for betrayal.

There is no trust between you

Lack of trust can take many forms: from "I do not want to let him go on vacation with friends" to "I'm nervous if he is late from work for at least an hour." The permissible level of distrust, which naturally flows into jealousy, and then into a claim, each pair determines for itself. But keep in mind that even in the first harmless limitation with the release of trust is not too much: if you believe that only the person who is seduced changes, then we hasten to upset you - changes are ready to be seduced, and the place does not matter here.


No feelings left

You already feel like old people who have lived together for a lifetime, and you replace a joint breakfast by viewing the contents of social networks, dinner - by sitting at the TV, and for the rest of the time you don’t spend too much time on each other, and common affairs follow exclusively from everyday needs (for example, , go for groceries for a week). Treason in such cases arises due to lack of sex or simply emotional interaction that a partner from such a “cold” union is looking for in any person who is ready to offer him some sensual experience.

Permanent lies even in small things

You prefer not to tell him about your life, hiding even harmless details, because you are more comfortable being in the role of someone, and not yourself next to him. The partner, for his part, keeps his life secret, knowing that you may be offended, upset, or simply not understand. In such cases, betrayal arises as a matter of course, as soon as the opportunity turns up, and the partner doesn’t even admit to himself that he did something bad, because against the background of universal pretense it looks like nonsense.

What hurts a relationship more than cheating?

Together because it is convenient

Responsibilities are divided, responsibility is defined, and you feel that this union very much resembles a well-organized business, where every employee is in business, but doesn’t really want to meet with his colleagues beyond the office. New relations imply the need to renegotiate, adapt to each other or even stay alone for a while and pay independently on loans and bills. Such “turbulence” does not entice you, and you prefer to leave everything as it is until everything is resolved by itself.

You are attached to a person morally

The current novel does not bring you any discomfort or pleasure, and you even seem to be ready to start a new one, if the “right” person finds you himself, but at the bottom of your heart you are afraid of novelty and keep the word “only” in your head. Your partner is the only one, because no one else will understand and will not be on your side, as if love is a lottery, where there is only one possible main prize, and not a lot of individual combinations.

What hurts a relationship more than cheating?

Verbal humiliation

It can manifest itself in insults, blackmail, manipulation and other techniques, due to which the partner is trying to rise above you and feel like a dictator in a relationship. The derogatory discourse can concern both appearance (“You have grown fat”), and the economic situation (“You do not earn anything and do not have the right to vote”), and personality traits (“Look at yourself, who will take you such?”). In all cases, this is actually moral violence against a person, when the harm is caused not by actions, but by words.

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