What foods contain vitamin B2

Since vitamin B2 is involved in the synthesis of other vitamins, the lack of riboflavin affects the skin and causes a number of diseases - depression and chronic colitis, photophobia, and deterioration of vision.If herpes is often manifested, barley, boils are signs of vitamin B2 deficiency.
The lack of this important element can also be determined by weakness, loss of appetite, hair loss, dry lips and pain in the eyes, drowsiness and dizziness.
To prevent these diseases, you should constantly monitor your way of eating. Namely, make sure that the diet contains riboflavin-rich foods.

The presence of B2 in various products

The most rich in vitamin B2 recognized brewer's yeast. This element in one hundred grams of this product has a double daily dose, necessary for the normal maintenance of human immunity.
Next in the list of the most saturated foods that contain riboflavin is beef liver.
One hundred grams of this product contains almost four milligrams of vitamin B2. But sheep and chicken livers are not so rich in this element.
What other foods can this vitamin be found to fully satisfy the human need for it? Simple enough - when there is no liver, you can buy a chicken heart. In addition, the B2 element is contained in cottage cheese, almonds, eggs and milk.
In addition, riboflavin is found in foods such as fish, kidneys, dairy products, and peas. A lot of vitamin is found in leafy green vegetables. These include spinach and broccoli.
In the cereals, riboflavin is also present. Buckwheat is considered the richest in this regard. B2 is also found in peanuts, whole grain bread, and cocoa.

Rules for storage and cooking of healthy products

However, to get this vitamin in sufficient doses, you should know how to properly store the food containing it. So, milk can not be kept in a transparent dish - especially in the light, because the product can lose half the vitamin B2 content.Boil the peas should be only with the container lid closed, because otherwise the entire riboflavin will evaporate.

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