What does it mean to see a river in a dream

In many dream books, the river acts as a symbol of life's journey. Stormy waves, turbid currents and rapids symbolize the future adversity, while the calm surface and transparency speak of goodness and wealth. But in interpretation other circumstances of a dream matter. Dreambooks will help to decipher river visions.

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

He offers several interpretations of the dream picture. Why dream of a clean river? To happy events, quiet life without anxiety and sadness. Things will improve, peace will reign in the house and family. Pure stormy predicts the overcoming of obstacles, if proper efforts are made.

The muddy, miserable river in the visions illustrates the existence of real-life problems that deprive you of peace. Bathing in such an unpleasant river signals of suffering and mistakes, may portend a trauma or an accident. Float dirty water - in reality in affairs will have to face obstacles, including dangerous ones.

Stormy with muddy muddy water reports about difficulties on a love front and in everyday affairs, you will need to make a decision instantly in this situation.

Frozen river warns of the likelihood of falling into a prolonged depression and despondency, longing for the bygone days and people. Go on strong, durable ice - your difficulties will be resolved quite easily, all problems can be overcome.

A small river in a dream shows a worsening financial situation with you or your family. It is not necessary to make rash investments, purchases, approach the expenses soberly. Big points to rumors about you, as well as strong emotions and feelings, both joyful and sad. Deep and clean foreshadows luck, and deep dirty - major material problems and suspicious suggestions.

Why dream of a river of blood? This does not mean anything bad, the blood only reminds of relatives. Moving along the blood stream in a boat - relationships with friends and relatives are in order and harmony.

A beautiful river foreshadows well-being, moral and material, unhurried and pleasant following of life. Black talks about the upcoming unpleasant events. If black water floods the coast - in life a difficult situation will get out of your control. Green reports improved health, hopes, financial stabilization and improvements in business.

According to the dream, the river with stony shores symbolizes life difficulties and obstacles.You will have to fight with them yourself, but your efforts will not be in vain. A dream of a river with sandy shores is unfavorable, promising imprisonment or punishment for wrongdoing.

To swim is to fulfill your intentions and achieve your goal. Swim - to change. Quickly reach the shore - the rapid achievement of goals, getting a new job. Wade through - there will be obstacles and delays in the execution of plans. Hasty decision making will not lead to success in business. You saw how you fall from the bridge into the water - leave in the past annoying relationships and betrayed friends, then you can start a new life and meet new people. Falling into a river by car is not a good sign, it says about the loss of confidence in you from friends or colleagues. To return their location, will have to try.

Small Velesov

In this interpreter, a river with pristine water promises material prosperity and good. Swim in such water - to profit and goodness. Muddy water - to the disease, fight, quarrel. Collapse in impure waters - in reality you find yourself in trouble or collect debts.

If you are carried by the rapid flow of a river, then a quick quarrel with a detractor, an envious person is possible.Parched, promises ruin.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

He also talks about the meaning of the dream. To sail along the river to prosperity. Stand on the shore - to the upcoming long road. To pass in a dream ford - to the obstacles and delay the planned. For a lady, a jump into the water can be a symbol of the restoration of past feelings in a marriage or a meeting with a new lover.

Dream Miller

the serene smooth surface, not broken by the winds, foreshadows joy and financial well-being. Turbid water with a restless surface, ripples or a storm promises squabbles and misunderstandings, and the dried up bed brings sorrows. Overwhelmed, warns of trouble at work and your tarnished reputation. To avoid this, watch your affairs and actions, control your antics.

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