What does a dream in which you see dolphins mean

Dolphins symbolize your friends, old friends. What dolphins dream about are comrades who are ready to help you in difficult times.

Family Dream

To dream in a dream like a dolphin, instead of playing with you, attacks - you try little to realize your desires. You should make more effort, not wait for someone else to do your work for you. Kind and playful dolphin - you are on the right track. Drop all your doubts, act decisively and success will not take long. You will receive a long-awaited positive result of your labors. Sleeping on Friday night means that you need to trust in fate and things will resolve themselves. Sleeping on Saturday night warns you against unwarranted risks, you should not take unreasonable steps.

Spring dream book

To see a dolphin in a dream - to a pleasant pastime, the pleasure of communication. You will find yourself in a company with a gentle and affectionate person, able to endear themselves.

Summer dream

What do dolphins dream about in the sea? Such dreams are considered pleasant, the sleeper gets real pleasure from the beautiful landscape, the neighborhood with the unique inhabitants of the sea element. A dream foreshadows communication with important and meaningful people. Depending on how you put yourself in such a society, get a positive result or not.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Dreaming with dolphins says that you spend too much time on things that are truly important in your life. Watch the dolphins splashing in the clear water - wait for promotion, recognition by the authorities of your efforts and experience. Dolphins in a dream - will find new and good friends. You will be able to find common interests with them, to do exciting things, perhaps some kind of hobby and habits will unite you.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

To see a dolphin in a dream - to feel the monotony in an intimate life. You strive to diversify sexual relationships, want to feel more thrill. To achieve what you want, you should speak frankly with your sex partner or look for a new relationship. Ride a dolphin - a romantic encounter is about to happen, ending in love making in the water.This will lead to seeing how someone else boasted such a pastime, or saw a movie with a romantic scene in the water.

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