What documents are needed to get baby food

Few know that almost any family has the right to receive free baby food for children under the age of 2 years. These are mostly babies who are on mixed or artificial feeding. Naturally, this opportunity can significantly save the budget of a young family. Therefore, let us consider to whom this right extends and what documents are necessary for obtaining baby food.

What families are eligible to apply for baby food?

As already mentioned, any family in which there is a child up to two years has the opportunity to receive free assistance from the state in the form of baby food. For large families, the age limit rises to 3 years old child. Children suffering from chronic diseases, put free food up to 15 years. Disabled children - until the age of 18 years.

Important! In many Russian regions, a child under 2 years old is entitled to free food from the state only if his parents have an income that does not exceed the subsistence minimum.

In most regions of the Russian Federation, food for primary and secondary school students whose families have incomes below the minimum subsistence minimum (which was established in the region) is free. This also applies to children of school age who are raised in an incomplete family. If there is such a program in your locality, you need to contact the social security authorities with a certain package of documents.

List of required documents for baby food

  1. Passport of one of the parent (guardian);
  2. Certificate confirming incomplete family composition;
  3. Child's birth certificate;
  4. The document, which indicates the monthly family income;
  5. If a parent of working age is not working, a photocopy of your working age is necessary;
  6. In the event of a divorce, you need to provide a certificate of termination of the marriage (plus its copy);
  7. If the child is paid child support, then you need to get a certificate confirming this fact;
  8. A written statement from the parent (guardian) with a request to provide free dairy products in the area of ​​registration;
  9. Direction from the pediatrician for free receipt of baby food.

The procedure for obtaining references

First of all, you need to contact the social security authorities and make a statement for further information on the right of your child to receive free food. You should have a full package of documents with you, except for a referral from a pediatrician (you will receive it after reviewing the application).

With the certificate received in the social security service, you need to visit the district pediatrician, after which you will be given prescriptions for free nutrition for your child.

Collecting documents for baby food and further processing of certificates will not take you much time, but it will make some savings in the family budget.

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