What determines the color of sapphires?

The scientific name of sapphire is corundum. It is a stone of transparent structure, which is formed by aluminum oxide. This color is typical of typical sapphire, which is popular with women. The cost of the gem directly depends on the number of faces.

Shades of sapphires depending on the composition

  • The name of the stone was derived from the Latin word, which means "blue". The rich blue color in the mineral is obtained if iron and titanium are present in the composition.
  • If the iron in the composition of the stone a lot, then it becomes blue with a green tinge and shimmers in sunlight.
  • Iron oxide is able to give the stone a yellow tint, which makes it mysterious and unusual. And the presence of vanadium in the composition leads to the appearance of a purple color.
What determines the color of sapphires?

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  • Sometimes there are rutile needles in the mineral. Then the sapphire becomes the color of the "cat's eye". Finding needles in a stone indicates naturalness.
  • Pink and pale red sapphires are confused with rubies because of their color.
  • Less often stones of orange color meet. This is due to the presence in their composition of a large amount of titanium.Such unusual sapphires also have fans.
  • The most expensive and popular color is blue. Uneven coloring of the mineral is also found. Jewelry with such stones are cheaper.

Shades of sapphires depending on the place of origin

  • Kashmir is the birthplace of expensive stones of beautiful blue hues. Sometimes there are sea-green sapphires. The cost of jewelry with these stones is high.
  • Burma sapphires, now Myanmar, are ultramarine in color. Their quality is considered high, and the price is appropriate.
  • Sri Lanka is rich in colorless minerals. There are white needles inside the stones, they are called "silk". This is a sign of the naturalness of sapphire.
  • Minerals of deep dark blue are mined in Thailand.
  • The blue color of the stone and minerals from Cambodia.
  • The darkest color, closer to black, is from sapphires from Australia. There are lovers and a shade of sapphires.

You can check the sapphire for authenticity in this way.

When irradiated, the color of the stone becomes brighter, when heated - the color fades, and when using ultraviolet mineral becomes green.

Useful properties of sapphires

Sapphires have healing properties. People wearing sapphire jewelry do not suffer from insomnia. It helps the stone to fight infectious diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism. It affects the level of sugar in human blood. Helps crush stones in the kidneys.

Useful stone for young girls in love and the newlyweds, helping to remain faithful.

What determines the color of sapphires?

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Sapphire is considered a symbol of chastity. Legend has it that Moses received the 10 commandments on sapphire tablets. For a long time, the rulers of states used stone as an emblem of wisdom.

Also, the stone affects the personality. The owner of an ornament with a sapphire is endowed with power, wisdom and confidence, competently disposes of the forces. Stone helps to find the meaning of life.

Sapphire helps protect against the evil eye and slander, and is also considered a talisman for seafarers. With him avoid shipwrecks and other troubles on the way.

Sapphire does not like neighborhood with malachite and beryl.

Jewelry with sapphire is recommended to buy carefully. It is better to wear a bracelet on your right hand, and a ring on your ring finger with your left.

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