What color is combined with burgundy?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
February 11, 2013
What color is combined with burgundy?

The attention is guaranteed to the girl in Bordeaux, and the girls themselves first of all know about it. But with what color to combine this shade, so as not to look ridiculous? What color is combined with burgundy? Let's figure it out.

The black

The combination of black and burgundy does not need any recommendations - it is always an up-to-date classic! How do you look, for example, at the combination of burgundy ankle boots with a blouse of the same color, an elegant bowler hat and black skinny trousers?

Or a maroon-black version: a burgundy-colored coat, a translucent dark blouse and high-heeled shoes. What is this if not a fatal image ?!

And one more compelling combination. This is a combination in which a black jumper decorated with a collar "collar" complements the burgundy pencil skirt. A leather-inspired wine bag and lacquer black shoes will add to the completeness of a romantic autumn look.


The burgundy color is combined with gray no less effectively than with black.How do you like the long chiffon skirt of rich red wine, black leather jacket and leather top? The image is complete and perfect. In him, and personality, and style, and airiness! Continuing the same autumn theme, you can combine dark half boots, gray sweater and tight burgundy skirt.


At first glance, this combination will seem strange, however, it also has its zest. See for yourself: a fitted pink blazer, burgundy skinny jeans, burgundy pink accessories and pink colored shoes at the end! It makes sense to dilute this combination with gold or brown.


Having renewed the color circle in our imagination, we find out that the burgundy sector is located opposite the green one. What does this mean? About the opportunity to play on the contrast! Continuing the game, we imagine a ripe maroon berry in the midst of tender foliage. What is not a motive to stop the choice on a green dress with a wide wine-colored belt? A combination of a dark green jumper, a burgundy elongated jacket, gray ballet flats and skinny jeans will be no less successful.


The combination of colors burgundy and blue (Bordeaux jeans), perhaps the most common, so to speak, "for every day."A maroon sporty jacket and classic blue jeans are a great combination for a hooligan girl. But the refined lady will choose a different path. She will stop the choice on a blue blouse with a short sleeve and burgundy midi. Exquisite gold jewelry and nude shoes will complement the picture.


It is difficult to find another color that would be so organically combined with burgundy. It is necessary to remember only the main rule of this combination: we add burgundy not with one, but with several beige shades. Example: a beige bottom of the most dark (almost brown) shade, above - “coffee with milk”, and finally - a gorgeous beige-peach shade. Of course, these shades are diluted with luxurious burgundy.

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