What can you talk with children?

Communication is necessary for any child, it directly affects its development. But how and what can you talk about with children? Let's find out.

How to talk?

Study together

What is the best way to talk with your child? Here are the basic rules:

  • It is extremely important to watch your speech. Children absorb everything like sponges, so that any word that you carelessly throw at you can be deposited in the memory of your child, and then actively used by them. And if this word was bad, then you later have to blush. Therefore, every word and every phrase think through before you pronounce. Get rid of the word parasites, their kids too quickly memorized. And, of course, forget about jargon and abusive words; they should not sound in the house where the child lives.
  • Do not "lisp" with your child. Many parents transform and change some words, sounds and letters, trying to communicate with the child on an equal footing. But this is not true. You must be an example for your child, teach him, help him develop his speech and learn new words.And if you pronounce the sounds incorrectly, the kid will not learn to speak, and you will have to lead him to a speech therapist.
  • Eye contact is important. When you are talking to a baby, look him in the eyes so that he understands that you are talking to him. In addition, visual contact will help to gain confidence, as well as to trace the reaction of the young interlocutor to certain words.
  • Do not raise your voice. If you start talking loudly, the child may think that you are angry, and refuse to talk to you. Your tone should be even and calm, but at the same time convincing, so that the kid understands that you are serious.
  • If you want your words to be heard and understood, then try to make eye contact tactile. To do this, take the baby by the hand or sit on his lap.
  • If the child does not want to talk because of a bad mood or an interesting game, do not insist. Wait and catch a better moment and start the conversation again.
  • If you have a serious conversation or discussion of a bad deed of a child, do not frighten him with phrases like "Come on, come here quickly!" Or "Now I will scold you." In this case, a constructive and fruitful conversation you just will not work. Control yourself and your emotions, don't be nervous.If you feel that you are beginning to lose your temper, then first calm down, then continue the conversation, as your angry tirade will cause the child to fear or not to listen to you.
  • If you are talking to someone else's child, do not try to ask him curiously about something and keep your distance. Why do you need it? For example, you probably told your child more than once that you should not talk to strangers. And almost every parent gives such instructions. And in order not to disturb the mom and dad of the child who entered into the conversation with you, do not go into details, it can be alerted.

What to talk about?

Do not specify

What to talk about with a small child? We offer innocuous and sometimes banal, but quite interesting topics:

  1. Weather. Yes, it may sound trite, but discussing the weather with a small child can be quite interesting. First, ask your baby to describe the weather and express his opinion, and then explain some points. Tell that the sun goes sutra, shines and warms. If it rains, tell me where it comes from and why it appears. If there are puddles under your feet, tell me that they will soon dry out.Let the child take an active part in the discussion.
  2. The world around us or “What I see is what I say.” On a walk, you can discuss a variety of things that fall into your field of vision. So, if you see trees, tell us how they grow. Ask the baby to tell what he knows. Ask him what he thinks about the things he sees. As a result, you can get an interesting and lively discussion.
  3. Ask the child how he spent his day. Let him describe all the events and express his opinion, share his emotions, ask what was incomprehensible to him. You can also express your opinion, clarify some points, give advice to the kid.
  4. Discuss any cartoon, fairy tale or book. If the kid recently watched or read something, discuss it. Distribute heroes into categories (good and evil), evaluate their actions. Ask your child to express your opinion about this or that character and his actions. You can also ask the child how he would act on the site of the main character. Tell us what you would have done.
  5. If the child has done something, discuss it.
  6. You can talk to the child about the professions.Ask your child what profession he knows, find out exactly what is known about them. Tell us about the professions that are unknown to the child and express your opinion. Discuss each profession and be sure to find out who the child would like to be and why. Share your childhood dreams with your baby, tell about your real profession and tell why you chose it.

There are actually many topics for talking with the child. Communicate more with your child to find out which of them are interesting to him. Ask your baby to suggest topics on their own.

Children's issues

Do not push the baby

How to answer children's questions? Here are the most common and sometimes "uncomfortable":

  • Why are boys and girls different? Explain to the child, that the distinction between boys and girls is intended by nature and is necessary for the continuation of the race, the creation of a family, the birth of children. Tell that men perform some functions, and women - completely different.
  • Where did I come from, how do children appear? Many, in response to such a common question (almost every child asks him) begin to invent stories about cabbage or stork. A small child may believe it, but after all the secret will eventually become clear.So an older child can be told that a man and a woman meet, fall in love, and have a child.
  • What is love? Say that it is a feeling that forces people to be together. As an example, you can tell about the parents' love for children or about the mutual love of the wife and husband.
  • If a teenager asks questions about sex, then he is interested in this topic and still learn the details. Therefore, it will be better if you tell about the whole chad. Get a book with pictures and, using common names, tell us what and why you need. If your child is 12-14 years old, tell me about contraception and the dangers.
  • Am I handsome? Say that all people are different and all are beautiful in their own way. Note that you think your baby is very beautiful. And there are other people who think the same way. But some people have a different opinion, and this is normal.


Now about what in a conversation with a child you can not do:

  • Never ask a child not to ask stupid questions anymore. You will kill all the children's lively curiosity.
  • Do not compare your child with others, it can lead to a decrease in his self-esteem.
  • Do not talk in a negative way, it can make a child pessimistic.
  • Do not interrupt the child, always listen to it until the end.
  • Never say: “You do not understand this (you will not understand).” Instead, explain in accessible language and so that the kids understand.

Communicate with your child as much as possible and he will develop!

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