What does a man need more than sex?

Indeed, almost all men get acquainted with one goal. It would be foolish to think that after seeing the girl, the guy in absentia assesses the depth of her soul, her horizons and her character. No, of course, he appreciates the figure, the face, the overall attractiveness sexually. This is an incentive for dating, and at this stage a man really only needs sex.

The guy begins to care, in every way trying to please. And as soon as sex happens, many people really lose interest. Do you know why? Because sex alone is not enough, a man must also be seriously interested. But most girls think that it’s enough to be friends with bodies for a relationship, and the rest will follow.

What does a man need more than sex?

I have a friend who, quite recently, after parting with another boyfriend, threw in my heart: “All men are goats. And they only need one. ” Although, looking at the relationship from the side, I would call her a goat.

They met in a nightclub and started dating. Candy-bouquet period was magical, and after a while they began to live together.But a week later, the guy began to disappear with his friends in the evenings, late to return home, and the romance gradually faded away. Her chatter about the relationship of girlfriends and new things caused him undisguised irritation, and in the end he asked her to move out, explaining that they did not fit each other. That is, he made plans for the future, but she did not justify his hopes, he did not feel a return. One appearance is not enough. It is necessary to be interesting, to constantly develop, to be able not only to take, but also to give, and also to know little tricks, for example, that men can love more than sex.

And they love different things, and usually in the first place they have a hobby. It can be football, hunting, playing on the Xbox - whatever!

It is impossible to blame for this, men are big children. And that is why in the already established relationships they love our approval, admiration, peace and tenderness. Sex is beautiful at any age, but these things are more important.

As one famous philosopher said: “The attraction of bodies gives rise to desire, the attraction of souls gives rise to friendship, the attraction of mind gives rise to respect. The combination of three drives creates love. ”

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