Wedding organization: everything you need to know

The fact that the wedding is an important event everyone knows. How the wedding is organized will determine the mood of the newlyweds, and the whole celebration as a whole. In order for a wedding celebration to occur with dignity, you need to spend a lot of energy and carefully prepare for it, without losing the smallest details.

Who will organize the event to choose, of course, the newlyweds. It all depends on their desire, talent and the availability of material resources. Independent organization of a wedding celebration is very labor-intensive work, and such a wedding is not always cheaper than the services of professionals.

Although, if you give preference to wedding agencies, it is important to find good. So that it does not happen that much money is spent, and the holiday is organized horribly. Let us dwell on these options for preparing for the wedding in more detail.

Do it yourself

If you want to take all the wedding chores on yourself, consider some points. To begin with, you should understand that preparing for a wedding will take a long time,if you work, plan your day so that at least a couple of hours a day can be given to organizing a celebration. It is best to start preparing for the wedding in three months.

Start by choosing a celebration idea, jewelry options, wedding attire, cars, bouquet. This will help you sites on the wedding theme, books and magazines dedicated to the wedding celebration. Save your favorite photos, write down the approximate cost of various services. This will help you choose the most suitable option.

In a relaxed atmosphere, write down on paper what you need for your wedding.

Dress of the bride. Plan the day that you will devote to choosing a dress. You can buy it three weeks before the wedding. If you want an exclusive outfit, you have to go to a seamstress. It is better to do it a month and a half before the celebration. Please note that the choice of accessories, too, must be approached seriously and do not forget anything.

A restaurant. Of course, you need a good banquet room. Decide on the amount you can spend on a restaurant, and pick up several options for restaurants. Call there, and better take a trip and arrange a rental room.

Menu.Discuss the menu with the restaurant staff. If you prefer some kind of kitchen, tell the cooks about it. Discuss the cost of products and their quantity. Do not forget about alcohol.

Decoration of the hall. In the respective stores you will find all the necessary elements of decor: from ribbons and balls, to lively arches of flowers. Go to different stores, prices may vary.

Services of the photographer and the operator. Photos are a memory for life. Therefore it is very important that the photographer be a professional in his field. After all, the wedding you will not replay if it spoils the pictures. This applies to the operator. Address to different people, listen to the recommendations of acquaintances. In such matters it is better to trust trusted people.

Services of musicians. Of course, it is desirable that the wedding played live music. Find musicians by ads, invite them to audition. Decide on the repertoire. Do not forget to choose a song, under which you will perform the first dance with your beloved husband.

Bridal bouquet and flowers. Contact your florist in advance. A bridal bouquet should be in harmony with its image.

Services makeup artist and hairdresser.It is better to turn to professionals that you know well. Pre-pick on the Internet the options you like hairstyles and makeup. Let the masters do them for you. So you can choose the most suitable option.

Do not forget about the transport and decorations for it.

Tamada. From this person depends the mood on the holiday. You should not take too obsessive lead, but with meekness will be boring. Find a suitable toastmaster, see with his participation the wedding video of other people.

As you can see, to organize a wedding yourself, you need to think about a large number of details. Of course, everything will be done by your hands and maybe you will be proud of yourself, but you need to understand that with such preparation for the wedding you will spend a lot of strength and nerves. If you want to keep your peace of mind, it is better to use the services of people for whom the preparation of the wedding is a vocation and a profession.

The agency will help

To begin with, you should not think that agencies are designed to take more money from you. In normal wedding agencies, they will always pick the right variant, both in terms of the idea of ​​the wedding, and in the material plan.For them, the main thing is to keep the customer satisfied. Wedding agencies value their reputation, so do not avoid them.

The help of a specialist will significantly simplify your life. All the above stages of the wedding, they will prepare. You just have to express your wishes, choose and approve the proposed options. Everything will be taken care of by the agency. They usually work professionals who work not the first day. They will discuss all financial issues with you.

Wedding and preparation for it is an important stage in your life. It depends on him how the wedding goes, what emotions you will feel.

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