Weather in St. Petersburg in June 2016 - what will be the beginning and end of the first summer month according to weather forecast


At the mention of St. Petersburg, the imagination almost always draws an incredibly beautiful, but damp and cold city, famous for its stunning architectural monuments, white nights and a lot of rain. Is this really the case or are they just stereotypes? The answer to this question lies in the statistical data and forecasts of the hydrometeorological center for the past years. According to this information, the weather in St. Petersburg in June was never hot, and the clear and rainy days divided the first summer month almost clearly in half.

June 2003 went down in history as the most overcast month. The sun pleased with its presence the citizens and guests of North Palmyra only three times in 30 days. But in 2013, the citizens of St. Petersburg literally jumped with delight, as throughout the whole of June the sky was clear, and the thermometer never went below the mark at + 25 ° C.Last year, both at the beginning and at the end of the month, the temperature regime was kept within the framework of average indicators (+ 19 ... + 20 ° C during the day and about + 15 ° C at night).

The preliminary forecasts for 2016, sounded in the press and on television, were encouraging with optimism. Weather forecasters reported that in June a pleasant summer heat will reign in St. Petersburg and only the first week will be cloudy and cool.

What is the weather in Petersburg in June usually happens

Usually, moderately warm weather sets in in Petersburg in June. The daytime temperature stays within + 18 ... + 20 ° C, and in the evening the thermometer slides to + 14 ° C. Therefore, anyone who wants to enjoy the White Nights should take with him for a walk thick, windproof jackets or warm, wool sweaters. In such clothes you are guaranteed not to freeze and get a lot of bright, unforgettable impressions, contemplating a unique and stunningly beautiful natural phenomenon.

In general, June does not refer to too windy summer months. Typically, the average speed of gusts does not exceed 4 m / s, but archival data say that in early days small hurricanes are typical of the region, flying through city streets at speeds of up to 10 m / s.In the second and third decade of the month, strong winds are almost never observed.


The rain for the first summer month is considered to be quite a traditional phenomenon and does not surprise absolutely anyone. The locals, accustomed to umbrellas and puddles on the streets, do not even notice him, and visitors are happy that it ends very quickly and practically does not interfere with full-fledged comfortable rest.

Weather in St. Petersburg in June 2016, weather forecast


A preliminary forecast of the weather center for 2016 says that the weather in St. Petersburg in June will be exceptionally favorable for both residents and guests of the northern capital of Russia. At the beginning of the month, it will wait slightly, but from the 6th day in St. Petersburg and the suburbs, the weather will be dry, clear and incredibly warm for this time of the year. In the daytime thermometers will show as much as + 25 ° C, and by night the temperature will drop by 5-7 degrees. At the end of the month, summer thunderstorms will strike the city, but it will not last long, and in the very last days of June the sky will clear again, the sun will look out, and the air will become gentle and warm.

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