Weather in Moscow in December 2017 - the most accurate weather forecast for the capital and the Moscow region


A preliminary forecast made by the staff of the Russian hydrometeorological center says that the weather in Moscow for December 2017 is scheduled traditionally winter, cold, snowy and overcast. There will be only three sunny and clear days and they will fall on the very beginning of the month. The second decade will be remembered for the most frosty temperatures (-13 ... 17 ° C during the day and up to -23 ° C at night), and at the end of December the maximum amount of snow will fall.

The weather situation in the Moscow region will also develop in about the same way, with the only difference that in the north and north-west of the region the temperature indicators will be even lower and already in the middle of the month the mercury column will begin to record fierce -30 ° C at night.

Winds will hardly be disturbed by residents and guests of the capital.Only occasionally intensified impulses will make it necessary to leave the streets as soon as possible and hide from the dank and frosty air in cozy cafes, museums, exhibition halls or shops shining with luxury showcases, and beckoning to buy beautiful gifts and souvenirs for the upcoming holidays for their relatives and friends.

What will the weather in Moscow in December 2017 - the forecast from the weather center at the beginning and end of the month

In winter, cold, cloudy and snowy - that's what the weather will be in Moscow in December 2017, according to a preliminary forecast from the weather center. At the very beginning of the month three clear and rather sunny days will fall out, and during the rest of the period the sky will be tightly covered with heavy, gray clouds. Precipitation in the form of snow will become a regular occurrence and for comfortable movement through the streets you will have to stock up on comfortable shoes on a tread sole.


The average temperature in the daytime will be -6 ... 12 ° C, and at night the thermometer will drop to -16 ... 22 ° C. Of course, in December there will be days when the air warms up to + 1 ° C or cools down to -17 ° C, but such sharp changes, rather, should be attributed to the rare stages, than to the characteristics of the last month of the outgoing year. The same applies to the winds.Basically, their speed will not exceed 3-4 m / s, however, sometimes, and mostly in the morning, the gusts will increase to 7-8 m / s and will force residents and guests of the capital to give up their walks through the fabulously beautiful winter Moscow for a while. covered with fluffy white snow.

Weather in Moscow for December 2017 - the most accurate forecast from weather forecasters for every day

The most detailed and accurate weather forecast from Russian weather forecasters for every day reports that the weather in Moscow for December 2017 is planned to be in winter cold, snowy and a little windy. No rain is foreseen, and all precipitation will fall only in the form of snow, which will remain on the streets of the capital until the beginning of the New Year.

Detailed daily weather forecast for December 2017 in Moscow

The first three winter days in the capital will be frosty, but clear and windless. In the afternoon, the thermometer will show -8 ... 9 ° C and only at night it will drop to the level of -11 ... 13 ° C. The sun will shine very brightly and only at lunchtime 3 numbers will begin to hide behind light clouds. 4 the sky will be tightened by clouds, however, the temperature will remain the same and precipitation will not fall out yet. The situation will last for the next day,and since December 6, the Arctic cyclone will bring the first cold snap to -10 ° C and snowfall into the city.


December 8 is getting warmer. Mercury columns confidently crawl up and get to the mark -4 ° C. But the next day it will begin to seriously get cold and by the 11th the air will cool to -15 ° C, and at night the thermometers will record -22 ... 26 ° C. 12-14 the frost will soften and heavy snow will fall. It will stop only for one day, and from December 16 it will continue again with the same intensity. 19 and 20 precipitation will stop, but it will become cold to -17 ° C in the morning and to -22 ° C at night.


On December 21, the southern cyclone will come to Moscow and warmer at first to –5 ... 6 ° C, and by the 25th the temperature will rise to + 1 ° C. However, this trend will not last for a long time and the New Year will come to the capital at the frosty indicators and heavy snowfalls that are traditional for this period.

Weather in the Moscow region in December 2017 - a preliminary weather situation forecast

A preliminary weather forecast made by weather forecasters from the Roshydrometcentre says that the weather in the Moscow region in December 2017 will be very similar to the capital. The beginning of the month will be clear and will even please the appearance of the sun, but after the 5th day the sky will be tightly drawn with clouds and it will snow.Most of it will fall in the north and northwest. In the same place in the middle of the month, the mercury columns will fix fairly extreme frosts (-27 ... 29 ° C during the day and up to -30 ... 33 ° C at night).


In the southern part of the district and in the east, the figures will turn out to be more loyal and will become colder only up to -20 ° C just before the New Year. However, it will snow already in 10 numbers and linger until the end of the traditional school holidays.

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