Weather in Moscow for June 2016 - weather forecast for the capital and the region


What will the weather in Moscow in June, as a rule, are interested in those who for some personal reasons can not go on vacation. These people want to know right now that they prepared the first summer month for surprises, so they devote a lot of time to studying forecasts from the weather center for the capital and the region.

Weather forecasters say that in 2016 in June it will be moderately warm. The beginning of the month in Moscow is characterized by instability of the general weather situation, strong but short-term thunderstorms and sharp temperature drops (from suffocating heat in the daytime to light frosts at night). At the end of June, the situation will be somewhat smoothed out and the thermometer's indicators will approach the average.

For the region, meteorologists predict thick morning fogs, regular short rain, partly cloudy weather and at least 10 cloudy days in a month.

What is usually the weather in Moscow in June

Not hot during the day and cool at night - that's what the weather usually is like in Moscow in June. During the daytime, the thermometer's column rises to +21 ... +22 ° C, and in the evening it drops to almost spring +13 ° C. In the first days of June, very cold nights also occur, when frosts are observed on the soil, while on the thermometers, only +5 ° C is fixed. True, in fairness, it is worth noting that such low rates are more common in the region than in the capital.


Small, intermittent rain or strong thunderstorm are quite characteristic phenomena for the first summer month. As a rule, they begin suddenly, so in the beginning of June it is recommended to carry an umbrella with you all the time. In the last numbers it gets significantly hotter. Dryness is felt more strongly in the air, and Muscovites try to spend as little time as possible in the daytime on the streets. The city comes to life only in the afternoon, when the sun sets and a comfortable evening coolness spreads around.

Weather in Moscow in June 2016, weather forecast

Weather forecast says that the weather in Moscow in June 2016 will be unstable and changeable. On a clear, sunny, and moderately warm day, cold, cloudy, and rainy days will come.The average wind speed will be 2-4 m / s, however, in the second decade of the month, these figures will increase significantly (up to 3-7 m / s).


As the staff of the weather center, the main "breaking" of the weather in Moscow will be at the beginning of June 2016. Only after the 10th day the air temperature warms up to + 22 ° C during the day and stays on this indicator until the onset of July. In the first days of June, the night temperature will not exceed + 13 ... + 14 ° C. Warmer evenings will become only by the end of the month, and until that time, lovers of romantic walks will have to wander through the streets of Moscow in wind-proof jackets or woolen sweaters.

Weather at the beginning and end of June in the Moscow Region in 2016

By what the weather will be in Moscow in June 2016, you can create an impression of what awaits the entire Moscow region. According to the data from the weather center, in the forecasts of the capital and the Moscow region there is practically no difference. The total daily temperature at the beginning of the month will not exceed + 21 ° C and only in the northern part of the region will thermometers show + 19 ° C. By the end of June, comfortable + 23 ° C will be established everywhere, but occasional rains will not allow us to fully enjoy the moderate warmth of the first summer month.However, at the weekend it will be mostly clear and everyone who could not find the opportunity to travel to the sea, will have a chance to go out into the countryside or once again to admire the traditional capital sights.

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