We wallow and watch: 8 new TV series in February

While we are waiting for the continuation of the "House of Cards" and "Twin Peaks", we are eyeing the new series! In February, there were a lot of nice prime-mates: from comedy horror with a very funny Drew Barrymore to the series "Big Little Lies" with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon in the lead roles.


Start: February 2

In this comedy series superheroes are busy saving the world. But the rescue of ordinary people from the damage caused by superheroes, busy representatives of the insurance agency. Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) works as an estimator of damages caused by Wonder Women and Bruce Wayne. The girl is a little complex because she is not capable of such heroic acts. But once it turns out that a real hero does not always need a superpower.

"The best donuts"

Start: February 2

A simple but charming sitcom about a tiny ponchechnuyu in the center of Chicago, which is owned by middle-aged Arthur (Judd Hersh). The donat company is suffering losses, but a young and frisky African-American Franco comes to the aid of Arthur.The most pleasant thing in the series is an appetizing saver (donuts!) And the fact that the action takes place against dozens of tasty donuts.

“Diet from Santa-Carlita”

Start: February 3

Comedy horror with Drew Barrymore in the role of a charming zombie.

Sheila and Joel - a married couple with children. One day a tragedy happens, and Sheila dies. Only not to the end. Her heart is beating, and the woman has not changed at all, except for one thing - she loved to eat raw meat, preferably human.

All thirteen episodes of black comedy from Netflix will be released at once in one day.

"24 Hours: Heritage"

Start: February 5

Fox has restarted the 24 Hour series on weekdays for counter-terrorism agents. As before, the action will take place in real time: the series lasts for one hour and shows the events that occur during this hour.

Despite the similarities with the 2000s TV series, the Heritage heroes will be different. In the center of the war hero is Eric Carter, who returns home and goes to the anti-terrorism department when he realizes that the war is on his heels.


Start: February 9th

A young man named David Haller, who has suffered from mental disorders since childhood, is aware that his hallucinations are real events.Scientists researching the mutants find him and conclude that David is probably one of the most powerful mutants they have encountered.

The Legion, the character of the Marvel universe, is embodied on screen by Briton Dan Stevens, who played in the series "Abbey Downton" heir Matthew Crowley.


Start: February 15

Sadie Ellis works as a lawyer in a large firm and is not afraid of the most complicated criminal cases. Once she has a new client, a talented surgeon who is accused of killing a girl. Is he to blame or not? Sadie can not answer this question, but falls in love with him in addition to his will ... Catherine Heigl plays the lawyer, and one of her colleagues is the star of the series "Orange - the new black" Laverna Cox.

"Big little lie"

Start: February 19

One of the most anticipated TV shows of February, a serious attempt by HBO to gain new positions. In the film adaptation of Liane Moriarty's book, directed by the director of the "Dallas club of buyers" Jean-Marc Valle, the main roles are played by Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Sheilin Woodley.

Jane (Woodley) comes to a small town and meets with local women, successful, ambitious, wealthy, well-groomed.Only here with some of them masks fly off, when during the fundraising in the kindergarten there is a tragedy ...


Start: February 27

The series, created under the auspices of Romeo Tirone and Luc Besson, is a prequel franchise of the same name with Liam Neeson. Young Brian Mills is played by Clive Standen.

One day, Mills was saved by about a hundred people, which changed his life. The series will tell what Brian had to go through and what talents he managed to develop in the CIA.

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