We sew a cover for a sofa easily and simply!

Sew a removable sofa cover - this is a great alternative to replacing the old upholstery. In addition, the covers are removable, so they can be washed. Sew a few covers and change them from season to season or on occasion. Your furniture will be reliably protected from dust and salinization. For a long time will keep the natural color of the upholstery and will not be damaged by the claws of domestic animals.

Look at the options for the covers on the sofa, which we suggest you do by yourself.


When choosing fabrics for a cover, you can come up with unexpected combinations and different types of finishes.

Follow our instructions and you can easily change the style and mood of your living room.

The cover consists of three elements: a lining, a cruciform upper part and decorative elements on the corners of the sofa. The upper part of the cover in the photo below is sewn of tapestry fabric, which contrasts with rainbow silk corner elements.


Build a pattern cover

Start with four basic dimensions: the length of the boot, the width, the length of the armrests, and their width.

Taking measurements

For the top of the case:

1. To determine the length of the cover, the sofa is measured from front to back, starting with the floor in front of the sofa and ending with the floor behind the back, plus 25-30 cm for a free fit, plus allowances for the folds.
2. To determine the width of the cover is measured sofa seat plus seam allowances.
3. The length of a single armrest is measured from the seat through the armrest to the floor, plus 25-30 cm for a free fit, plus allowances for the folds.
4. To determine the width of the armrest, measure the width of the sofa seat plus seam allowances.

For padding:

Length = the length of the boot in paragraph 1 above.
Width = width of the boot (point 2 above) plus two lengths of the armrest (point 3 multiplied by 2), and minus 2 allowances for the folds.

Sewing Tips:

Lay out the cover details on the sofa inside out to the top, determine the places of sewing the side parts (armrests) and tack them to the central part.


Case design

Elegant case with brocade top

To ensure that the fabric of the cover does not "wrinkle" when you sit on it, prepare wooden rods equal to 5/8 of the sofa's length / width and deepen them between the seat and the backs. If the sides of the sofa are curved, use a plumbing PVC pipe of the appropriate length for the same purpose, bending it into the desired shape.

Our version of tailoring the sofa cover, consisting of a lining and top, allows you to choose the fabric for the design of the sofa that you like, but it is not enough for sewing a one-piece cover. For example, cuts of vintage fabrics.

Corner decoration

The corners of the cover can be arranged in different ways, carefully choosing accessories, and get impressive results. Use our ideas to start fantasizing!


Part of the cover with the armrest is tied in a large knot

Cover is laced with small brass bushings

Button lacing

Clasp on the decorative buttons, buttons or "zipper"

Instead of a cord, you can use straps with rings, which are sewn from the main fabric of the top cover

Let your home always please you, gives warmth and comfort.

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