We carry out aromatherapy correctly at home

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is very popular. Non-traditional methods of treatment and prophylaxis, in which the gifts of nature are used, are becoming more popular. Among them we will select aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a method of therapy in which natural essential oils are used, that is, the treatment is carried out by aromatic substances of plant origin, which have an antibacterial, antifungal effect, affect the body's metabolism, and control biochemical processes.

All this makes them valuable active substances for natural medicine. In aromatherapy they use different methods of influence on the emotional state, on the whole body, and on the skin. Most of them are more affordable and are used independently.

The abundance of different tools will surprise you

Methods that can be used during home aromatherapy:

- aromatic lamps;

- inhalation;

- aromatic baths;

- massage;

- wraps;

- compresses;

- baths.

To carry out homemade aromatherapy are necessary: ​​natural essential oils, aroma lamp and special candles, which can be bought at the pharmacy or in special stores. Aromatic oils affect the brain, body, soul of a person. They help to feel the amazing beauty of life. Everyone can apply aroma oils for the purpose of prevention, raising vitality, working capacity, relieving fatigue and stress.

You will be surprised by the wonderful smells

The special influence of aromatic oils on the human body, in particular on the psyche, was scientifically brought up and explained by the fact that most of the components of essential oils are similar in structure to human hormones. But to use them at home you need to know the action of each.

Different smells affect us differently

- bitter and sweet - increase efficiency;

- sharp and unpleasant - accelerate breathing;

- jog - increase pressure;

- pleasant - help to reduce pressure;

- Harsh-sweet - help to concentrate attention.

Properties of natural aroma oils

- Lily of the valley - tones, soothes, is effective for migraines, insomnia.

- Lemon - highly astringent and anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure, treats fever, colds, gallstone disease, as well as digestive disorders.

- Tea tree - disinfectant, anti-inflammatory agent, stimulates mental activity.

- Parsley - effectively acts on the kidneys, urinary tract, helps with edema.

- Peppermint - relieves pain, helps with skin irritations, digestive disorders.

- Melissa - treats allergies, colds, diarrhea, hypertension, migraines, stress.

- Eucalyptus - helps concentration of mental activity, relieves drowsiness, reduces body temperature.

- Fir - relieves toothache, eye fatigue, treats chronic sore throat.

- Jojoba - contributes to a uniform tan, protects against the appearance of erythema.

- Cypress - antiseptic for sensitive skin care.

- Lavender - antiseptic, eliminates redness, peeling.

- From the seeds of grapes - a care product for loose, tired skin of the body, as well as damaged, oily hair.

- From the grain of sprouted wheat - antioxidant, improves metabolism, removes toxic substances.

- Orange - stimulate heart activity, activate vitality.

- Grapefruit - stimulates the metabolism, contributes to the production of the "hormone of happiness", p.

- Mandarin - soothingly.

- Mint - anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

- Pink - a strong antidepressant, antiseptic.

Terms of use of aroma oils for children

Children are very sensitive to irritants, so it will be interesting for them to use aromatherapy, and not ordinary medicines, tablets, etc., as a treatment or prevention of diseases. They will perceive it positively, as something new, unusual.

To use aroma oils to be effective for a child’s body, you need to follow these rules:

1. Up to 3 months do not recommend using aroma oils;

2. In the process of preparing a mixture of oils, we always consider that the dose for a child is two times less than for adults;

3. Buy high-quality, natural essential oils in pharmacies, reliable stores;

4. Pay special attention to the expiration date;

5. Rules for storage must be observed - stored in dark containers in the refrigerator.

The effect of odors on weight loss

Different odors act differently on our body, increase appetite, or vice versa reduce it. We encounter many every day, not knowing about their properties. But so that the result of losing weight was noticeable, aromatherapy is used along with exercise, a balanced diet.

The main thing is to find your fragrance


So what smells should I use?

For weight loss, oils are used that have the following properties:

- soothe, relax (pink, orange, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang);

- remove excess fluid from the body, have a mild diuretic effect (fennel, cardamom, rosemary, geranium, lemon, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, cypress);

- reduce appetite (cypress, sweet dill, lemon, green apple, cinnamon);

Many oils, tighten the skin, prevent the appearance of stretch marks, while contributing to shedding excess weight. Aromatic oils for weight loss can be applied in such ways as: massage, wrapping, rubbing,baths, inhalations, they are also taken orally - but strictly under the supervision of a doctor, observing the rules and dosage.

Buy only high quality oils

Using essential oils for therapeutic purposes, you need to be very careful. Aromatic oils can have a negative effect on the body, cause allergies. It is important to use natural oils, while respecting the dosage during treatment.

Despite the diverse use of aromatherapy, it has its own contraindications:

- you can not fanatically use aroma oils;

- do not use them for long-term use;

- take into account compatibility with medications, alcohol;

- with increased nervous excitability not recommended aroma oils clove, sage;

- Do not sunbathe after applying these oils - bergamot and citrus;

- with increased blood clotting - essential oils of cypress, basil can be dangerous;

- in case of kidney disease, the aroma oil of pine, juniper, fir, coriander, thyme sandalwood is not recommended;

- there is intolerance to the body of a certain smell, which means that it does not suit you, give it up.

Having considered the negative aspects of aromatherapy, let us dwell on the positive ones:

- relieves pain in the joints;

- boosts and strengthens the immune system;

- relieves the symptoms of menstrual pain;

- improves skin condition;

- lowers arterial pressure;

- improves well-being;

- reduces tension;

- reduces anxiety;

- improves sleep;

- anti-inflammatory;

- neutralizes toxic substances and removes them from the body;

- affects the human energy, enhances the aura;

- Positively affects emotions;

- harmonizes relations with others, brings people together.

Today, aroma oils are used to treat a wide variety of ailments, both physical and mental. In particular, quite popular aromatherapy under stress, fatigue, neurosis, depression. It is believed that the use of aromatherapy gives remarkable results in the treatment of people of different ages, different ailments - from the common cold to serious diseases.

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