WDay mom: the rules of education Milana Kerzhakova

The wife of Zenit footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan in April of this year gave birth to a son, Artemy. And also brings up a four-year-old Igor - the son of her husband from Yekaterina Safronova (the boy’s mother was deprived of parental rights. - Comm. Wday). 24-year-old Milana spoke about her parenting experience in parenting.

"It is not necessary to raise children"

Many parents think: they read the notation to their child, checked the diary, scolded them for two - that's all, education was successful. But Milana Kerzhakova is sure that moral teachings like “I must learn only perfectly well” have nothing to do with parenting and fly past the child’s ears with a whistle.

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“I think children do not need to be raised. "Nasty not to say, girls for bows do not pull" - banality. The postulates are much more belligerent, like: “one marriage and for the rest of my life,” “for theft — I will drive out of the house” and all other resulting Komsomol convictions of my youth come to nothing.

"They look at us"

Milana is sure: children look at their parents and imitate them in everything. And if the words disagree with the case, then any notation will definitely be wasted.

“And they look at us. How we shout, closing in the room, sorting out our relations, how we sit behind a beer bottle at the tele at another talk show, our swearing speech, the inability to control our emotions and aggression, the lack of desire to develop - and It is these things that form our little child. And not some kind of moralizing, school, environment ... That's all, too, of course, but to a lesser extent, ”- said Milan.

“A man is his family”

“I believe that 90% of a person is his family,” writes Kerzhakova.

Bad or good, it is the manners and behavior of parents that children copy. Of course, education also plays a role, the parents' desire to realize themselves. And if the parents want the child to become an interesting person, first of all they should become such themselves. All life to grow, to become better, then the child will have such a need.

Photo: @milana_kerzhakova

“Educate yourself, not children”

Parents should always remember: they are an example for children.And if the example is good, then the children will grow up worthy people. Therefore, it is worth starting education with yourself, look at yourself from the side, through the eyes of your child. And then "they will always and always thank you for having the opportunity to call you their parents with pride, as I proudly call mine."

Education, as she understands him, for Milana “is the transformation of a little man into a thinking bright head, into a person with his aspirations, with love for development and work. And he cannot, for objective reasons, know a better example, except for his own parents. Hence, my simple conclusion is that parents, first of all, should educate themselves and educate themselves, and then only the child. ”

“There are exceptions”

Milana's subscribers on the social network generally support her. But there are other examples.

“There are exceptions, I know several people from drinking families, who, looking at their parents, said:“ This will not happen in our family. ” And these are very educated people, professors, with wonderful families, loving children and a wife. And there are children of very famous people, where parents are very good, hardworking.The daughters still love their mother-in-law and talk, and the sons (albeit 30–45-year-olds) are absolutely unable to have normal families, because they can neither work nor support a family and still live on money that wealthy parents give ".

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