Owl Embroidered Wallet

A purse with embroidery owl- a bright zipper bag for storing cosmetics, jewelry or various small things.

Materials and tools:

  1. white fabric 20x25 cm;
  2. a fabric wallet
  3. termopodlozhka;
  4. trimming;
  5. Zig-zag tape.


Step 1

If you are an experienced needlewoman, you can sew a wallet yourself. Beginners can decorate the finished wallet made of fabric. To do this, you need a zig-zag braid, a thermal substrate, and several felt trims.

Pin the embroidery in the middle of the wallet. Lay the braid "zig-zag" between the embroidery and the front of the purse. Sew embroidery and zigzag braid to your wallet with small stitches.

Decorate each owl with felt details. Strengthen termopodpozhkoy inside out. This will not allow the fabric to be shown through the embroidery. Fold all the edges inward and smooth out.

Cut out two heart-shaped figurines from felt and lay a string between them.

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