Volochkova was convicted for decollete in the temple and evening dress at the stable

In one day the dancer twice made a bad decision with the outfit.

Anastasia Volochkova's style does not always cause stormy delight among her subscribers. A ballerina is often criticized for being too frank swimsuits, especially her microbikinis, as well as overly short dresses.

However, this time the length of the dresses was decent - to the floor. Yes, and this style Volochkova very even goes. But fans once again pour evil comments on Instagram. And all because the ballerina obviously confused what things and for what reason to wear.

So, Anastasia went to the temple in a long dress with bare shoulders and a deep neckline. True, the head of all the rules covered with a handkerchief. But it did not save her from the anger of subscribers.

27 Aug 2018 at 3:31 pdt

“Who with such a neckline goes to the temple?”, “Are they really allowed into the church like this ?!”, they were not appeased in the comments.

Others hoped that by entering the temple, Anastasia would still cover her charms with a cape.And still others decided that it was not at all important in what form a person came to the temple, so long as his actions were good, and his thoughts were pure.

Gossiped about Volochkova's outfit and forgot. But no, Anastasia again decided to surprise. And on the same day I went to the stable in a long dress with a gold clutch.

Aug 27, 2018 at 7:20 pm PDT

“We spent the first joint day with Arisha at the equestrian club. While our horse is riding from abroad, Arisha is caring for Khina. We are so good together! ”- the ballerina shared the latest news.

But for the daughter Arisha and her new horse were not particularly happy. But on the wardrobe Volochkova drove again.

“Maybe she has a horse oats in her clutch,” fans joked, commenting on the ballerina’s evening accessory.

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