Video of the day: Ksenia Sobchak with a newborn son in her arms

Despite pressure from the tabloids, not a single photo of the paparazzi was on the Net, who were on duty at the Lapino clinic, where Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to her first child on November 18. Maxim Vitorgan did not test the patience of fate and himself laid out in Instagram the first video of a happy mother and baby recorded during discharge. In the video we can see a car with balloons, a proud father singing a lullaby "Green Carriage", and a happy and radiant Xenia with a tiny bundle in her arms. In the caption to the video, the couple thanked the clinic staff for their professionalism, participation, responsibility and, of course, decency: “It was very important for us to protect this moment of our life from obsessive curiosity and the business built on it.”

I read here a fake report about the life gossip about Xenia’s discharge from the hospital (the report came out a day before it actually took place) and I want to say a huge thank you to all Lapino employees: to the sisters, doctors, and security! I had no doubts about the professional viability of doctors and midwives, and could not be.Two of my older children were also born under the supervision of Mark Arkadyevich Kurtser and his team. So, I knew that everything would be on the highest level. But the fact that no one from the clinic staff, despite the pressure they were subjected to these days, despite the paparazzi cars on duty around the clinic, despite repeated attempts to penetrate under the guise of people / animals / improvised items - did not give us up and did not merge any information, or even more so, the photo was a great human discovery for me. It was very important for us to protect this moment of our life from intrusive curiosity and the business built on it. We are touched by your participation, responsibility and professionalism.

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