Vegetarianism and pregnancy

Vegetarianism is a whole life philosophy. That is why many do not want to abandon it even in exceptional cases, such as pregnancy.

Vegetarianism and pregnancy

The essence of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism consists in the consumption of fruits, cereals, vegetables and nuts. In this case, the power supply system completely eliminates the use of animal products.

There are two sets of reasons why people choose a vegetarian lifestyle:

  • They want to be healthier. However, to achieve this, it is enough to exclude non-natural products and limit their consumption to reasonable portions. In this sense, vegetarianism is optimally used as a cleansing diet and not continuously used. The analogue of vegetarianism of this type is the church system of posts.
  • Protest against killing animals. In this case, vegetarianism is a value system, and a person who adheres to it is ready to make certain sacrifices for the sake of its principles.

Since vegetarianism is now spreading more and more actively, including among young women of childbearing age, the question of whether it is possible to combine this nutritional system and pregnancy without harm to the health of a future baby is becoming more and more relevant.

Vegetarianism and pregnancy: current approaches

Vegetarianism and pregnancy

The opinion of the official medicine regarding the vegetarian diet of a pregnant woman is unequivocal: such a diet can only bring harm. Baby for normal development requires protein, iron, folic acid and other elements that are contained in food of animal origin.

In order to resolve the issue of the benefits and harms of vegetarianism for pregnant women, a social experiment was carried out in the USA, called the Farm, in which pregnant women who adhere to the principles of vegetarianism took part. As a result, all vegetarians were found to have a serious lack of a whole range of minerals and vitamins. Among them:

  • vitamins B12 and D;
  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • zinc;
  • folic acid.

The body usually replenishes their reserves from animal food, since plant products are not able to fully compensate for the lack of these substances.

At the same time, the number of women refusing to change their diet during pregnancy is growing, and this has required dietitians to draw up a nutrition program that includes nutritional supplements, vitamin and mineral complexes that can supplement the diet of pregnant vegetarians with vital substances.

Vegetarian Diet for Pregnant Women

Vegan during pregnancy is highly undesirable. If a pregnant woman refuses to change the food system, it is necessary to include at least eggs and dairy products. In addition, a woman must visit a nutritionist and obstetrician-gynecologist, who will prescribe the necessary medications that can supplement the lack of essential vitamins and trace elements in the body. Also, in order to receive the required amount of vitamin D, vegetarians need to take sun baths.

Vegetarianism and pregnancy

Throughout the entire period of pregnancy is required to systematically monitor the level of hemoglobin. In the daily diet should be present products such as:

  • dried fruits;
  • leguminous crops;
  • Red beetroot;
  • buckwheat;
  • nuts;
  • corn, soybean, sunflower oil;
  • parsley;
  • carrot;
  • sea ​​kale and other algae;
  • vitamin b12.

Also require constant use of multivitamin complexes.

Choosing food, you should give preference to those of them that are grown on open ground. The average daily ration should include 2300-2500 kilocalories. It is important to ensure that the intestines do not overload.

Vegetarianism and children

Modern parents are trying to impose vegetarianism on their children from an early age. Many even try to pick up a vegetarian kindergarten. Remember! A growing organism needs animal food, since only it can fully meet the needs of the child during growth. Reception of multivitamin complexes can not be an adequate substitute for good nutrition.

Vegetarianism should be a conscious choice of adults with a mature skeleton, nervous and other systems that ensure the vital activity of the organism. Even the church, which during the posts urged to adhere to a diet similar to vegetarianism, did not extend this requirement to children, pregnant women and the sick.

If you want to instill in your child your views on vegetarianism, at a young age, familiarize him with the philosophical ideas of the current, discover his pluses, without depriving him of the opportunity to eat the products necessary at his age.

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