Useful tips to distinguish gold from fake

Recently, a pattern has been noticed: the pace and amount of the precious metal being mined is decreasing, while jewelry stores, salons and stalls are growing by leaps and bounds. What is the matter? So is the demand for gold products soaring? The Guild of World Jewelers has been sounding the alarm for a long time: if you count, about 40% of all jewelry on the jewelry market are fakes!

I come across fake gold, fake diamonds, and even fake silver! And this is despite the fact that the last metal has a relatively low cost, and, therefore, it seems like it makes no sense to forge it, but it was not there. Imagine then how things are with gold!

When buying another product, it doesn't matter if it is a gift to a loved one or to yourself, I want it to justify the money spent on it, and not darken or burst in just a few months. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary, at least in general terms, to know how real gold can be distinguished from even a very good fake.

The easiest and most effective way to protect yourself and your wallet is to buy jewelry in “reputable” stores or salons, which value their reputation and offer products of famous factories of domestic or other countries.

Most likely, the purchase of a ring or chain in such a store will be more expensive than, for example, on the market or in some small stall, but then the risks of getting fake are minimized.

Fake gold is of two main types: an alloy of jewelry metals, which is covered with a thin film of gilding or an alloy in which gold really exists, but its percentage is too small to be considered a high-quality piece of jewelry (by the way, it is the most difficult to distinguish).

What do we pay attention to in the first place?

When buying a product from a noble metal, whether gold, silver or platinum, in the first place, it is necessary to pay attention to its sample and the presence of stamps. True, many on this whole inspection of the product and ends, which is wrong, because even such seemingly inviolable identification marks can forge.

The standards of samples are controlled and established by the state,therefore, the stamp on the rings brought from somewhere in Turkey will differ from the mark on the Ukrainian ring.

Brands of all precious metals differ in shape, for example, in gold, it is in the shape of a scapula, on silver - in the form of a barrel, on platinum - an octahedron. They are, without fail, affixed by the Assay Chamber, which checks the products for conformity established by the state.

However, now a lot of sophisticated ways of deception appeared: for example, not a whole product is tested, but only a small part, a pair of links or a lock. As a result, it is put on a counterfeit product, and the trial still exists, because the lock is here. To distinguish such a fake is very difficult, although it is possible, for this use improvised means, which we will talk about a little later.

Let's take a closer look at the brand. If this is a product of the Russian model, then in its center you will certainly find the image of the girl in the kokoshnik, to the right of her there will be figures, which are a breakdown, and to the left - the letter of the inspection that carried out the control.

Remember that the brand and everything that is placed in it - should be clear, located parallel to the edges of the product.It’s good if the name of the manufacturing plant itself is next to the stamp, this fact significantly increases the chances of buying a quality product.

A trident or a chestnut leaf is placed on the products of the Ukrainian sample in the center of the brand, on the right is a sample. By the way, according to experts, fake Ukrainian precious products are much less common than, for example, Russian.

On imported gold, usually next to the sample is the weight of the product in carats. You should know that the abbreviation "KGP", if any, says that the product is only covered with carat gold, and is not completely gold.

For example, in Turkey in the markets you can find products made of precious metals, in which there is no sample, they will deliver it only when you buy a product, and at the same time you want. Draw your own conclusions.

When choosing a product, carefully inspect it, pay attention to the “wrong side” - it should be smooth and shiny, this indicates the quality and skill of the manufacturer. If you have already purchased a piece of jewelry, and when you come home, you doubt its authenticity, then there are several popular methods that will allow you to deal with this issue.

Options for verifying gold for authenticity

Of course, the most sensible thing is not to read the coffee grounds and go to an experienced jeweler or to a pawnshop, where you will be quickly installed the metal from which your ring, earrings or chain is made. If there is no such possibility for some reason, then you can turn to one of the following tips.

  • Gold has one important property - it is not magnetised, and therefore it is easy to distinguish it from a fake with the help of a magnet. However, this is not an absolute guarantee, since such metals are sometimes added to the general alloy, which also tend not to attract, such as copper, aluminum or bronze.
  • One of the most famous ways to check gold jewelry is to use iodine. Just drop a couple of drops on the product, then wait a bit: if the metal has not changed its color, then the original is in front of you, if the color has changed, you are probably holding a fake.
  • Vinegar is suitable for the same purpose: we pour it into a small container; we also launch the item required for testing. If after a couple of minutes it went dark, then there is again a fake.
  • Sometimes authenticity is checked in this way: we take a gold product, the quality of which you are sure for sure and spend them on a solid object, for example, on glass. As a result, the line should remain. Next we carry out a similar manipulation with a suspected sample. Now you need to compare the prints, they should be approximately the same. The error of this method still exists, since samples having different samples will leave different prints as a result.
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