Useful properties of unusual cabbage cabbage

It's amazing how a person, at times, deprives himself of such a huge amount of useful products, looking for crumbs of vitamins and vital elements around the world, skipping the obvious facts.

Cabbage of kale, a close relative of many pets, white cabbage and broccoli, got into the list of those who lost our attention. She, for some unknown reason, has ceased to be popular, has become a real outsider, completely in vain, because with its help you can not only eat well, but also be treated.

Colorful curly

Kale cabbage in its appearance hardly resembles cabbage we are used to, which always twists into a tight neat head. Kale, contrary to the generally accepted opinion, is more like leaves of lettuce, strongly curled and sometimes even colored, so it is very difficult to confuse it with something else.

Suitable for salads

It is believed that it was she who became the ancestor of all cabbage plants known to us, experts say that by its properties it is close to wild cabbage.Surprisingly, this useful lacy beauty has not yet acquired its own homeland: in each country it is believed that Kale was brought from somewhere from abroad, and therefore it is often not called French, Russian, German, or even English.

In our country, it is often called "Brunkol" or "Grunkol", but on the dining tables and shelves, Kale supermarkets rarely appear. Despite the many years of unpopularity, this product is gradually acquiring its fans, whose circle is constantly increasing.

And this is absolutely true, you should not underestimate Kale, because in favorable conditions it can grow up to 2 meters in height, and the list of its useful properties really makes you wonder.

In addition, it is able to survive even in the most severe conditions, and after severe frosts it is only strengthened and enriched, it becomes even tastier and healthier. In fact, the level of nutrients kale has no equal among any other leafy vegetables.

Beneficial features

One of the distinctive properties of this cabbage is its percentage of amino acids - in this it is almost inferior to meat!

It contains all the essential amino acids, and 9 of them are essential, which are necessary for the formation of proteins in the body.

It is worth noting that the amino acids from cabbage are much easier to extract than from meat, besides, to fill the body with protein, there is a need for a lesser amount of cabbage, which is why it is so useful for people who prefer a vegetarian way of eating, and also for those who adhere to all kinds of diets.

Rich in vitamins

In addition, leaf cabbage contains a considerable amount of useful omega-3 and omega-6, which makes it very useful for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is also rich in vitamins A and C, which have a powerful anti-aging function, are very useful for various restorative processes, after injuries and surgeries, and for normalization of the immune system.

In addition to vitamins, bruncol can boast of a rich mineral composition: first of all it is calcium, the content of which here is even higher than in whole milk, and it is digested better! It also contains a record amount of magnesium, as well as glucoraphanine, which has a powerful antibacterial and anticarcinogenic property.

Who is good for cabbage?

  • Anyone who has any vision problems, as well as those who seek to keep it intact, as long as possible.
  • To fill the body with a lack of protein, in particular, this refers to vegetarian food.
  • As a low-calorie and fortifying product.
  • To normalize the activity of the body after protein diets, because kale is one of those vegetables that contains a huge amount of fiber, moreover, it is much easier to assimilate than regular cabbage or broccoli.
  • For the prevention of cancer, this leaf type of cabbage, today, is considered one of the most promising vegetables to address this issue in the future.

Kale in cooking

Useful properties - this is, of course, good, but what to cook from such an unusual and rather rare vegetable? Indeed, there are few recipes for this, however, it is quite suitable for creating tasty and very appetizing dishes. In different kitchens of the world this cabbage is prepared in different ways.

Decorates dishes

For example, in German cuisine it is often used as a shading addition to bacon and stewed potatoes.In our country, kale cabbage is most often cut into small leaves (this is how the maximum amount of sulforaphane is formed - a remedy for many diseases), and then fresh salads are made from it.

For example, lacy kale blends perfectly with green onions, walnuts, celery leaves or basil, for spicing up, you can add a little crushed garlic. Olive oil, apple or balsamic vinegar is perfect as a dressing, and low-fat sour cream goes well with kale leaves.

Brunkol will be a good addition to smoked meats and other meats, and stewed kale goes well with boiled potatoes, nutmeg and fried onions.

We are engaged in breeding

Due to the fact that such a healthy and tasty plant is not so easy to find on sale, many amateur gardeners think about how to grow such a miracle of nature? There is nothing difficult in this: the seeds of the feces are sown directly into the soil in the middle of spring, the temperature for germination is 4 ° -6 ° heat.


The beds must first be fertilized, it is desirable to use complex fertilizers and humus. Between the rows there should be about 50 cm of free space, between plants - 45 cm, it is better to cover the planted seeds with glass or film, something like a small greenhouse.Within 5-6 days the first shoots should appear, after which the plants are released from the covering material.

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