Unusual wedding in green colors (11 photos)

Each bride always dreams that her wedding was special and unique, because in itself the meaning of this celebration bears a fateful significance that will change the whole previous life of two young people who decided to tie themselves up by marriage.

That is why girls are trying to invent something unusual, beautiful and individual, symbolizing the union of two hearts.

No event is more important than a wedding

The perfect solution in such a situation is a wedding in green, oddly enough, but it is used less frequently than others, but it carries an incredible energy and deep meaning.

In addition, the design of the wedding ceremony with the help of this color promises to turn your celebration into a bright and unforgettable action that will impress everyone with its noble stylistics and unsurpassed charm.

The green color itself is a very pleasant and kind sign, it carries a purely positive energy, to which faith or which people we would not turn to.

The very first and foremost - green is the color of life and youth, probably, this primarily speaks of a connection with nature.

Green color symbolizes Islam, thus denoting the gardens of paradise, moreover, it is precisely its shades that have a positive effect on the nervous system, calming and relaxing it. If you think about it, the green color never brings anything bad, only peace, goodness, fertility and light are associated with it. Well, isn't it the perfect option for such an exalted holiday?

It looks original

Of course, a beautiful wedding in green is best carried out in the summer or spring months, during this period, as they say, nature itself is pushing for such a solution with its colors.

It is at this time that it is best to use herbaceous green hues or gently salad, mint colors, by the way, the latter is already very firmly established in the wedding theme, probably because of its gentle and noble tone.

The main thing is to pay attention to details.

But a green wedding can easily be held in the winter and autumn months, for example, in the fall olive and slightly yellowish shades will look good. But in the winter it is better to give preference to dark, deep and rich blue-green tones.A wedding in such a color scheme should be active and easy, but at the same time the decoration will not hurt your eyes, rather, on the contrary, everything will turn out harmoniously and naturally.

By the way, it is important to remember that green color requires some kind of color additive, it will merge on its own and will not be able to reflect all its beauty and harmony. A win-win wedding option is a combination of green and white, a celebration in such shades promises to be very tender and juicy.

Nice and fresh

If you would like to get something extraordinary and extravagant, then try to combine green and purple, or green and pink - the solutions are, of course, bold, but very original. And in general, green is a color that is easily packaged in other shades, while creating very rich and colorful compositions.

Where to begin? Of course, with the invitation

Invitations are the official of your wedding ceremony, it is from them that the whole action begins, and they are kept for many years by your friends and relatives.

Naturally, invitations should fully reflect the style and direction of your celebration, it is they who give invited guests an idea of ​​what will happen at the wedding.

The simplest option is an invitation on white heavy paper, on which the necessary data are indicated in a beautiful color in the desired color range.

Skillful needlewomen can give their cards a special charm, decorating them with green satin ribbons, lace, flowers or all sorts of sticker designs.

Issue the invitation in the appropriate range

Another important thing - the leaflets with names, this is the second thing that your guests see when they search for their place at the banquet table. If you decide to design your wedding in green colors, then you can fantasize as much as you like.

Very cute design

For example, it will be interesting to look at small pots with green young grass, in which cards with names are inserted. Another option is beautiful green apples, which are enough in a warm period of time, just choose the same ones, we attach original cards to them and get an edible accessory for the wedding.

Wedding dresses for green wedding

Not every bride will decide on such a brave experiment - a wedding dress of green color, but such options are real and feasible, collections of fashion designers always have in their arsenal several such unusual things.

Green - a symbol of life

Probably the best solution is a white or milky wedding dress that can be diluted with color splashes, such as a green belt or emerald jewelry, shoes, dress decor. But the groom is better to wear classic colors - black, dark blue, you see, the green suit looks a bit comical, but if you plan a similar theme for the wedding, then anything is possible.

Experiments are good

The easiest way to stop at the shirt of the desired shade, it will look good, even if only the boutonniere supports the color image of the entire image of the groom, anyway, they will look very harmonious with the bride.

Floristics and sweets

One of the main decorations of a green wedding is none other than a wedding cake, it is on it that all your imagination can disperse.

Arrange the room in the appropriate colors

Green background and delicate white or cream flowers, petals, slices of apples or any other patterns that come to your mind - all this is easily embodied in the chosen style. You can dwell on the recently popular miniature cap cakes, which are made with gold or any other splashes.

As for the floristry and general design of the wedding banquet,here, mother nature will help you: green glades, mysterious gardens, squares or gazebos on the shore of the lake, all this will create the desired decor and color of your celebration.

Do not forget to decorate the glasses

It will be necessary to add only a few trifles to the banquet table - apples, lime or green flowers in vases, all this should be decorated with ribbons or beautifully laid in flowerpots.

A wedding in such tones suggests constant combinations, you need to choose only one thing: green with red looks very noble, wine and burgundy shades, traditional white will do, but for autumn wedding the perfect complement is yellow.

Elegant cake

As you can see, each is beautiful in its own way, use these harmonious views for the wedding bouquet of the bride or the boutonniere of the groom, for the bouquets of the bridesmaids and in the decoration of the wedding arch.

By the way, with regard to the bridesmaids, then of course it is ideal if they are dressed in the same tone, but even if there is no such possibility, it does not matter. Put a basket with thematic and identical in tone brooches, bouquets, ribbons and other trifles at the entrance to the hall, then your wedding will be very harmonious without large financial costs.

Do not forget that the bridal bouquet should stand out against the background of the dress, that is, a green dress requires a white or peach bouquet, but to a white one can pick up a bouquet interspersed with greenery. The main thing is to observe the balance of colors and their quantity, and then everything will turn out stylish and harmonious.

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