Unusual and attractive street fashion 2013-2014 (15 photos)

What is street fashion? For some people, such a concept can be a novelty, they just do not think that it turns out that fashion is subject not only to glossy magazines and fashion catwalks. Street fashion is what we see on the street; it is an individual style of everyone who is at least somehow trying to stand out from the crowd.

It would seem that all those fashion trends that constantly descend to us from the steps of the podiums should provide us with uniqueness, but most things become stereotypes, going to the general masses. Surely, many had a situation where yesterday's insanely fashionable and extravagant thing, became banal, it can be seen on every second pass.

Everything goes in a circle, designers invent, and people blindly repeat, without thinking that they are losing something. What? Individuality! But, fortunately, everything is not so bad, there is an opportunity to look unique and exclusive, while remaining in the trend.

This is possible thanks to a special trend - street style, which has recently gained considerable heights of popularity. Street fashion 2013-2014 years successful and unusual, it does not become boring and stereotypical, in this you can see for yourself.

The main idea of ​​street style is love to your appearance, first of all, you need to like yourself.

This flows into the fact that people in their clothes begin to reflect their passions and attitudes towards life, they boldly experiment, creating a colorful and vibrant fairy tale, not hesitating and worrying that they will be condemned or not understood.

How did it come about?

The style of street fashion developed gradually, its first confident notes were felt in the 50-60s of the last century, when the standard of living of the population increased after the Second World War, and the democratization of society took place.

At this time, for the first time street fashion began to be seen as a source of innovation in the fashion world, because before that, only the elite could fashionably and interestingly look, which set the pace of development of certain trends in the fashion world. A good example of this is the style of "New Look", which was practically impenetrable to influence from the outside.But in parallel with him, they begin to offer their view on fashion, in particular, on the appearance of dress, representatives of middle and lower classes.

And, surprisingly, their ideas take root. At the same time, jeans are transformed from working clothes into casual clothes, their catalogs of clothes for women and children appear.

Thus, in the twentieth century, fashion began to develop not only in the upper classes, but also in the lower social strata, creating its own "hotbeds" of fashion explosions. Previously, young people and children had to dress in the same way as adults, but at this time there is a period of mass protest, when young people refuse luxury toilets in favor of the new fashion.

The old style began to be perceived as a symbol of class inequality, the violence of society over individuals who could not afford luxurious attires. At this time, there are their own systems of values ​​and ideas, young people are immersed in various subcultures: hippies, teddy-boys, hipsters, bikers, skinheads and other very different directions, which are very clearly expressed in everyday fashion.

What now?

The main idea of ​​street style is the creation of a unique image, the refusal to copy the proposed images,use of the most various directions which can be combined in one image, making harmonious appearance of the modern person.

And what is most interesting, trends of street fashion began to actively influence trend trends in high fashion. For example, such famous designers as Alexander McGueen, Phillip Lim turned to street fashion as the key component of their spring-summer 2013 collection. In their collections, there is a huge variety of ideas and approaches that can have radically different views on the same things. .

This season, the aesthetics of street fashion remains relaxed, but at the same time stylish and sophisticated. For example, experiments with details in the style of the 80s, which are expressed in contrasting shades and silhouettes, are actively used, graphics and prints of that time are being actively used, which successfully allow to convey street everyday style.

Bomber jackets, baggy tops and sneakers are suitable here, their style is “back to college”, as well as possible, it echoes the styles of the 80s-90s of the last century. The main task - a confident and bold presentation of bright colors, contrasting colors and textures.

In general, everything that will help to highlight a person from the crowd, to pay attention to him, are among the ideal assistants of the street style. And the color, of course, is the most accessible of them: an unexpected mix of colors, monochrome or print, it's up to you.

The main thing is that it should look unusual, reflect your essence and mood, and generally look harmonious and concise. And now it is quite normal when the thinnest dresses and blouses, bright tights and colorful skinny look out from under the spacious winter coats and jackets. Try the most courageous combinations if you want to get a real street style.

We place accents

Most often, the image consists of the smallest details, but there is one, the main and unique, which in this situation is the link in the whole image. For example, in the cold season it may be a hat, which may have the most unexpected and contrasting colors.

A bright unusual scarf will not only warm you in inclement weather, but also add to the image of charming and bold notes, the main thing is that it really be special. The same effect, however, leaning towards theatricality and bohemianism, can be achieved using fur scarves, collars, colorful fur sleeves and, even, giant fur clutches-envelopes.

Do not forget about all sorts of accessories and jewelry: such details will not allow your image to go unnoticed, the main thing is to carefully consider and complete the image. Are you a fan of vintage or rock?

Fine, jewelry in this style can be a great addition to your image, perhaps you should pay attention to bright, unusual and massive accessories, they will not leave the people around you indifferent.

Who is suitable?

This question is purely personal, it can affect the internal qualities and state of mind of a person, because, depending on whether he is ready to look unusual, bright and, at times, boldly, not paying attention to the views of passersby and disapproval of a decent part of the population?

In the post-Soviet space, this direction only fits, flowing into thin streams, however, already now there are quite a few lovers and followers of this interesting direction. If you have something to say, if you don’t like the surrounding “fashion victims”, you think that each person is unique, and this should be expressed in clothes too, then you can safely plunge into street style, because the main thing here is a state of mind .

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